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Metal Door Replacement

TFL can fully replace hollow metal doors and all the accessories.

Not only does The Flying Locksmiths supply hollow metal doors and frames, we provide all the necessary labor to take down the old one down and install a beautiful new hollow metal door! We can complete a replacement from the frame, to the door, to the door hardware, down to the operating key – with one call and one visit.

You no longer need multiple companies because The Flying Locksmiths are your complete Physical Security Specialists.

High quality metal doors offer a variety of benefits, which makes it understandable that they are so popular and commonplace. Hollow metal doors offer security, durability, good looks, and fire safety, and they’re used in a variety of places, including residential buildings, commercial locations, and industrial spaces.

Hollow Metal Doors provide uniform quality, durability, and security while reducing concerns for weathering that would deteriorate normal wood doors. Our teams live and breathe doors and door related work. If your door is rusted, dragging, bending, sagging, or just flat out not working – our crews can offer same day replacement!

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