Commercial door installation of high-security door

Commercial High Security Doors: How Much Does a Steel High Security Door Cost?

In today's world, maintaining levels of security for your business premises is not just an option, but a necessity. As part of this security consideration, the type of door you install plays a pivotal role. The introduction of commercial high security doors, particularly hollow metal and steel security doors, has been a game-changer for many businesses. The Flying Locksmiths is here to help guide you with high security doors to make the best decision for your business. This article will delve into the importance of these high security doors, the factors that influence their costs, and why investing in them could be a smart decision for your business. So, whether you're an established business owner or just starting, keep reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of commercial high security doors and the costs to consider with any commercial door installation project.


How much does a steel high security door cost?

The price can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the size and specifications of the security door, the complexity of the installation, the door hardware, door prep process, whether the door is fire-rated, and many other aspects. At the Flying Locksmiths, the price range of a high security commercial door installation could be anywhere from $850-$2,500 for a high-gauge steel door.

The Importance of High Security Doors For Businesses

Reliable security systems are paramount for any business, large or small. Incorporating high security doors into your security system is a crucial step in fortifying your business premises. These doors, meticulously designed and built with sturdy materials, offer superior protection against unwanted intrusions.

Think of your door as more than just an entrance—it's a shield, a barrier that guarantees safety, and keeps your assets secure. Whether you run a retail store, an office building, or any commercial establishment, your doors play a critical role in establishing this security.

High security doors, especially, can withstand intense pressure, making forced entry incredibly difficult. More than just a physical barrier, these doors act as a psychological deterrent too, keeping would-be intruders at bay.

Enhancing Your Main Door Security: Considering High Security Alternatives

The main door of your business is often the primary target for break-ins. Upgrading to a high security door for your main entry point significantly enhances your security. Commercial security doors, especially those with a steel frame, provide a level of reinforcement that traditional doors simply can't match. A main entrance security door isn't just about protection; it's also about creating a strong first impression. It signifies the importance you place on safety and security, influencing how clients and customers perceive your business.

Why Choose a High Security Steel Door For Your Business?

Steel doors, commonly referred to as hollow metal doors, have long been recognized for their superior security features. Their robust construction and inherent resistance to heavy force make them one of the most secure options available. A high security steel door, reinforced with additional safety features, presents a formidable barrier against forced entry. These doors also offer fire resistant doors, adding an extra layer of safety. A commercial grade steel security door doesn't compromise on aesthetics, either. Modern steel door design options are both attractive and functional, blending seamlessly with various architectural styles.

Benefits and Cost Implications of Upgrading Your Front Door Security

Your front door is often the face of your business. Upgrading it to a high security door is a statement of your commitment to safety. In terms of cost, while a high security front door may have a higher initial cost, the long-term benefits make it a wise investment. It can potentially save you significant amounts in terms of potential theft or damage, not to mention the enhanced peace of mind. Additionally, many insurance companies offer lower premiums for businesses that take extra security measures, which could offset some of the initial costs.

Exploring the Installation Process and Costs of a Security Door

The process of installing a security door involves multiple factors. From selecting the right door that fits your security needs and budget to professional installation, each step impacts the total cost. The costs which may impact the price vary greatly due to the amount of possible options for commercial high security doors. Some of these options include whether the door is fire-rated, the door size, if the door has electronics, as well as the cost of the doors hardware. While the upfront costs may seem high, remember, a high security door is a long-term investment in safety.

Enhancing High Security Doors: The Role of Quality Door Hardware

When it comes to high security doors, the door hardware plays a crucial role in ensuring their effectiveness. Investing in quality door hardware components can significantly enhance the overall security of your commercial door while providing added durability and functionality.

Security Hinges, Pivots & Continuos Hinges

Commercial Door Continuous Hinge InstallationHinges are not just ordinary door components; they are critical to the integrity and longevity of your high security door. High-quality security hinges, such as heavy-duty ball bearing hinges, offer smooth operation, increased load-bearing capacity, and added resistance against forced entry attempts. These hinges are engineered to withstand the weight and stress placed on commercial steel doors, ensuring optimal performance and durability over time.

Pivots and continuous hinges are also great options for a sturdy door installation with a nice concealed look to the door.

High Security Locksets

Electronic Exit Device InstallationLocksets are the primary line of defense for any door. When it comes to high security doors, it's essential to choose locksets that provide the highest level of security. Grade 1 commercial locksets are specifically designed to withstand extensive use and resist tampering and forced entry attempts. These locksets often feature advanced security features like hardened steel bolts, anti-pick mechanisms, and restricted keyways, providing an additional layer of protection to your commercial security door.

Exit devices, sometimes called crash bars, are also a key hardware component to any commercial door installation because life safety codes require exit devices depending on the number of occupants in a particular space. If you are unsure if a door requires an exit device, our team of security specialists can help determine the correct lockset and/or exit device needed to comply with egress requirements of the building.

Commercial Grade Door Closer

Door Closer InstallationA door closer not only ensures smooth and controlled door closing but also adds to the security of your high security door. A high-quality door closer can prevent unauthorized access by ensuring the door always remains closed and locked. It also reduces the risk of doors being left ajar, which can compromise the security of your business premises. Additionally, door closers with adjustable closing speeds and backcheck functions offer flexibility and further enhance the door's functionality.

Door Threshold and Weather Stripping

Commercial Door Threshold InstallationThe door threshold is an essential component that provides a weatherproof seal and helps maintain the structural integrity of the door. High security doors often come with heavy-duty thresholds that offer superior resistance against forced entry attempts.

These thresholds are a piece of metal at the bottom of the entryway and designed to prevent the door from being easily lifted or forced open from the bottom. They also help reduce energy loss and maintain a secure and comfortable environment within your business premises. Weather stripping is the seal around the door frame so air and other elements like rain can't penetrate through the door.

Long-term Investment: The True Value of High Security Doors

High security doors may come with a higher price tag, but their value extends far beyond the cost. These doors provide peace of mind, knowing that your business is safe from unauthorized access. When you factor in the potential cost of a security breach, the investment in a commercial grade security door seems well worth it.

Evaluating Different Types of Security Doors: Costs and Benefits

High security doors come in a variety of styles and materials, each with its own cost and benefits. For instance, a hollow metal security door, particularly one made of steel, offers robust resistance against forced entry attempts. Some doors also have additional features, such as thermal insulation and fire resistance. While the costs can vary, the common denominator is that every high security door offers a significant security upgrade over a standard door.

Cost Analysis: How Much Does a High Security Door Typically Cost?

As we've mentioned, the cost of high security doors can vary significantly. Several factors can influence the price, including the door's material, its features, the level of customization, installation costs, and the vendor. However, don't let the price tag deter you. When you consider the advanced security, potential savings from prevented break-ins, and the peace of mind a commercial security door offers, it's clear that they represent great value. After all, you can't put a price on safety. The Flying Locksmiths has noted that the average price of a commercial high security door with installation can range from $850-$2,500. Additionally, more than 60% of the door installation jobs completed by The Flying Locksmiths total less than $2,500.

Securing Your Business With The Flying Locksmiths

Investing in a high security door is a significant step towards a safe and secure business. However, the process of selecting the right commercial door, understanding the features, and estimating the cost can be challenging. That's where The Flying Locksmiths come in. We bring the highest level of expertise in the industry to help you navigate these choices.

Our experienced team understands that every business is unique. Therefore, we offer personalized consultations to understand your specific needs and concerns. We take into account your business size, location, industry-specific risks, amount of use the door will get, and other factors. This allows us to recommend the most resistant door options suitable for your business, which offer the highest level of security and align with your budget.

We believe security should never compromise on design so we provide a range of aesthetically pleasing high security doors. Whether you're looking for a traditional or a modern design, we ensure you don't have to choose between style and security. Our doors not only serve as an effective deterrent against break-ins but also enhance your business's overall look.

We also understand that security doesn't end with the installation of your new door. Thus, we offer comprehensive post-installation support, ensuring your door continues to function optimally and provide the maximum resistance against forced entries, keeping your business safe and secure at all times.

Choosing The Flying Locksmiths means choosing a reliable partner committed to your business's safety. We’re here to assist you in making the right security decisions for your business, ensuring you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

Ready to step up your business security? Contact The Flying Locksmiths today, and let's explore the best commercial door installation options for your facility together. Our team is ready and eager to ensure your business stands up to even the most determined intruders. Your security and safety are our priority!