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Door Closers

Repair Or Replace – Same Day

Your door is more than a giant slab of wood. It involves several working parts that all play a role in who can enter and exit your property, how secure your business is, and how safe it is for both clients and customers.

Many commercial properties use “door closers,” which are mechanisms that go at the top of the door to prevent the door from slamming shut or remaining open. These closers may also help those who struggle to open doors (for example, due to physical handicap), or be designed to prevent doors from opening too quickly or easily.

Types of Door closers

While there are many options for door closers in regards to size, color and functionality, they all serve one main purpose – to keep the door closed. Without a properly working door closer, the best locking system or card access system is rendered useless, so it’s important to make sure all your facilities closers work properly and are the right application for the specific door it is applied to. There are six different types of door closers available:

  • Traditional Door Closers
  • Modern Door Closers with removable covers.
  • Modern Door Closers without a cover.
  • Concealed in door closers.
  • Concealed in frame closers.
  • Concealed in floor closers.

Types of door closer arms

Aside from understanding the importance of which type of closer is correct for certain applications, it is equally important to understand and know which type of closer arm is applicable to your situation.The closer arm provides the most of the functionality of the door closer and dictates how far the door will open and how it will operate to a certain degree. For example, there are four main types of closer arms:

  • Hold-Open arms which will physically hold the door open should you need it.
  • Dead-stop arms which have a built in back-check to prevent the door from swingin to far open.
  • Spring-stop arms which is similar to dead-stop arms but have a built in spring.
  • Heavy-Duty arms that are used in high wind and high traffic areas. These are common in areas where wind gusts have been known the break closer arms.

Concealed Door Closers

Door closer installations can be done in four ways: mounted on the surface or concealed in the frame, floor or door. A Flying Locksmith Physical Security Specialist can guide you toward the correct door closer installation for your building’s needs. Concealed door closers are increasing in popularity, as they are as effective as mounted or floor door closers, without detracting to the aesthetic of a room. They are almost “hidden” from sight, which makes the entrance or opening look much better. The downside, is that they require much more labor intensive work to repair and troubleshoot. In most cases, the entire door will need to be removed in order for services to be rendered.

Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

There are many different types of door closers, including surface-mounted and concealed. Door closers may also be manual or automatic. No matter the issue that your door has, our team can help. We provide:

  • Door Closer Repair – We’ll diagnose the issues with your door system and repair it quickly.
  • Door Closer Replacement – If your door closer has broken down, we’ll make sure it is working properly.
  • Door Closer Installation – Not every commercial property has a door closer. We’ll gladly work with your door frame and quickly install a long-lasting door closer to meet your needs.

Our technicians have installed and repaired hundreds of door closers and received ample training on installing these closers correctly. We also keep many door closers with us, allowing us to install new closers on the fly if one is found to be beyond repair.


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