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Your door is more than a giant slab of wood, glass or hollow metal. It involves several working parts that all play a role in who can enter and exit your property, how secure your business is, and how safe it is for both clients and customers.

Commercial Door Closers

Many commercial properties use door closers to control the swing of the door. Door closers are mechanisms that are installed at the top of the door, or concealed in the floor or header of the door frame, to prevent the door from slamming shut or remaining open. These closers may also help those who struggle to open doors (for example, due to physical handicap), or be designed to prevent doors from opening too quickly or easily.

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Door Closer Type: Which Door Closers Do You Need?

In the realm of commercial door hardware, door closers stand out as pivotal components. Their variety in size, color, and functionality might seem overwhelming, but their primary objective remains consistent – ensuring that doors swing smoothly and maintain closure. Indeed, even the most advanced locking system or card access system is futile if the door control mechanism fails. Hence, in any commercial setting, it's crucial to not only choose options that are effective but also ones that align seamlessly with the specific door type in question.

Understanding the complexities of door hardware can be a task, but diving into the specifics offers clarity. Among the myriad products available, there are six distinct models of door closers:

  • Traditional Door Closers: These are the standard heavy-duty products you might see in many settings. Often crafted from aluminum, they're known for their robustness and durability.
  • Modern Door Closers with removable covers: These closers are a blend of style and functionality. They come with removable covers, offering ease of maintenance and allowing users to select from various finishes.
  • Modern Door Closers without a cover: For those who prefer minimalist hardware, these closers are the ideal product. Their sleek design, often in high-grade aluminum, ensures aesthetics without compromising on duty.
  • Concealed in door closers: As the name suggests, these closers are discreetly hidden within the doors themselves. They are heavy-duty and work in tandem with the hinges to provide seamless door movement.
  • Concealed in frame closers: These are concealed within the door frame, making them invisible to the casual observer. Integrated with the hinges and often made of heavy-grade aluminum, they're the epitome of heavy-duty functionality.
  • Concealed in floor closers: Buried beneath the floor, these closers offer a high level of door control while remaining unobtrusive. With their heavy-duty construction, often in grade materials like aluminum, they work efficiently alongside hinges.

In the vast landscape of door hardware & options, from automatic door systems to diverse hinges, ensuring that the product you opt for aligns with your needs is crucial. Remember, the right hardware not only accentuates your doors but also amplifies their longevity and efficiency.

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Types of Door Closer Arms

In the world of commercial door hardware, mastering the nuances of door closers is essential. Beyond selecting the right type of closer for various applications, recognizing the ideal closer arm for your specific circumstances stands paramount. The closer arm is not just a peripheral component; rather, it is central to the functionality of the door closer. This hardware piece significantly influences the operational parameters of your door, determining the extent of its opening and its overall behavior.

Within the vast spectrum of door hardware, understanding these closer arms can help ensure that the product aligns seamlessly with the door's intended functionality. Let’s delve into the four principal models of closer arms:

  • Hold-Open arms: These arms are ingeniously designed to retain the door in an open position when desired. In specific commercial settings where unrestricted access is periodically necessary, these are invaluable.
  • Dead-stop arms: Built with a fail-safe mechanism, these arms come integrated with a back-check feature. This ensures the door is prevented from swinging excessively, safeguarding both the door and its adjacent structures.
  • Spring-stop arms: Drawing parallels to the dead-stop arms, these come equipped with an intrinsic spring. This addition offers a buffer, giving the door a more controlled and gentle swing motion.
  • Heavy-Duty arms: As the name evokes, these are built for resilience. Tailored for zones frequented by high winds or voluminous traffic, their robust design ensures longevity. In certain commercial areas, where fierce wind gusts pose threats, these heavy duty arms prove their mettle by resisting breakages and ensuring consistent door functionality.

While doors and closers are fundamental in the realm of commercial hardware, the unsung heroes are indeed the closer arms. Choosing the right product, especially a heavy-duty one when the situation demands, can be the difference between an efficient, long-lasting door system and one that requires frequent maintenance and replacements.

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