About Door Alarms

Door alarms play a critical role in all types of commercial properties. These alarm systems – which can be both standalone and hard-wired into the property – have the potential to prevent theft, improve fire safety, and direct traffic. Most commercial properties benefit from at least one door alarm, and the more occupants the building has, the more you may need.

Commercial Door Alarms

If your facility has rooms with occupancy over 50, or multiple fire exits, door alarms are essential. In the case of a retail store, a door alarm is useful from preventing someone from walking out the back unnoticed (preventing store theft). The device will sound when the door is opened, unless the key or code is used to bypass the alarm. This type of safeguard is useful in all commercial facilities, ranging from health centers to government buildings.

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The term “alarm” implies security, and certainly door alarms are best known for their ability to notify others of someone leaving the property. But door alarms have other benefits as well, including:

  • Preventing Unauthorized Exits – Door alarms are frequently installed in retail settings and any industry where someone may leave from the wrong exit or without permission. Door alarms reduce theft and make it easier to monitor where people enter and exit without sacrificing fire safety.
  • Directing Traffic – Doors can often look the same. Door alarms ensure that those looking to find their way into your building do not accidentally leave through an intended egress that may not be made for casual use.

At The Flying Locksmiths, we work with businesses throughout the country, installing, fixing and maintaining door alarm systems. Our door alarms can also be connected to a key or code to temporarily disable the alarm or provide unrestricted access to a select group of people.

If your building is in need of one or more working, effective, technologically advanced door alarms, call The Flying Locksmiths today. Our trained technicians will ensure that your business is properly secured with alarms ready to go to alert you when necessary.

Commercial Door Hardware Products

The Flying Locksmiths offer a comprehensive spectrum of commercial door hardware to help improve the safety and security of interior and exterior entrances and exits. From wood and hollow metal office doors to storefront doors, sliding glass doors to fire-rated doors, our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists will recommend the best available door hardware and provide commercial door installation and repair, along with innovative door hardware including lock solutions, services and devices for all the thresholds of your business.