Commercial Door Repair Services

Door services ranging from adjustments, reinforcement and general repair to complete replacement


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About Door Repairs

Is the door to your facility rubbing against the frame, making it difficult to open? We can rehang that door for you. Was the door damaged, or does it need a new look? The Flying Locksmiths are at your service! Whether it’s a double set of doors, steel door, or commercial glass door, we offer commercial door repair services for all shapes and sizes. As your full-service commercial physical security specialists, we ensure the door closer and locks are taken care of, saving you from calling multiple companies to complete one job.

Commercial Door Repair Service

We can rehang existing doors that are tough to open that may be rubbing against the frame making it difficult to open. We can replace the doors, too! It doesn’t matter if it’s a steel door, a commercial glass door, or a double set of doors. We will get it up in running in no time. We will even take care of the door closer and locks while we are there, completing the job from start to finish. Why call multiple companies to solve one problem? We can make it easy and cost-effective by taking care of every aspect of the door for you, quickly and professionally.

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Since 1946 The Flying Locksmiths have been servicing and repairing various types of commercial and hollow metal doors. From beautiful entrance system doors, to lonely back-end warehouse doors and even large glass or Herculite doors, our Physical Security Specialists are confident that they can find a a cost effective solution for a large renovation project or just a simple maintenance repair.

The Flying Locksmiths provide 24/7/365 emergency door service on all types of commercial properties and their door openings.

Our specialized Physical Security Specialists are more than just “locksmiths”. These technicians boast centuries of combined experience and share an internal network of resources, so collectively they can troubleshoot and problem solve virtually any door related issue. With mobile service vans fully equipped to handle common door related issues and various door repairs, most issues can be resolved on the first trip without the need for additional trips, parts and cost!

Additional Commercial Door Repair and Installation Services

The Flying Locksmiths offer a comprehensive spectrum of commercial security for interior and exterior entrances and exits. From wood and hollow metal office doors to storefront doors, sliding glass doors to fire doors, our commercial locksmiths and door experts provide commercial door installation and repair, along with innovative lock solutions, services and devices for all the thresholds of your business.