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Door services ranging from adjustments, reinforcement and general repair to complete replacement


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Cost Effective Repairs For Doors

Is the door to your facility sticking or scraping against the frame, hindering smooth operation? The Flying Locksmiths are equipped to rehang that troublesome door for you. Whether your door has suffered damage or simply needs a refreshing aesthetic update, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial door repair services designed to meet your specific needs.

No door is too big or small for our team of skilled technicians. From expansive double sets of doors in large buildings to single steel doors in smaller facilities, we handle repairs and replacements of all shapes and sizes. Even if you're dealing with specialized commercial glass doors, we're the one-stop service you can rely on.

Commercial Door Repair Service

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Beyond merely addressing the door itself, we extend our services to include the vital door parts that often go unnoticed but are essential for full functionality. This encompasses everything from door closers to locks. By offering this all-encompassing service, we save you the hassle and added expense of contacting multiple companies to handle different aspects of a single job.

When you notice that repairs or replacements are in order, simply send in a request, and our dedicated team will promptly assess your needs and provide you with tailor-made solutions. No matter what type of doors you have, from big doors that serve as grand entrances to more utilitarian ones that ensure security, The Flying Locksmiths are committed to providing top-notch service with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

The next time you find yourself in need of commercial door service, whether for repairs or replacement doors, remember that one request to The Flying Locksmiths is all it takes to get everything back on track. Your door is the gateway to your business; allow us to ensure it's in optimal condition.

Additional Commercial Door Repair Services & Resources

The Flying Locksmiths offer a comprehensive spectrum of commercial high security doors for interior and exterior entrances and exits. From wood and hollow metal office doors to storefront doors, sliding glass doors to fire doors, our commercial locksmiths and door experts provide commercial door repair and replacement, along with innovative door lock solutions, services and devices for all the thresholds of your business. Learn more about commercial doors from these Blogs:

Get Help With Issues To Existing Commercial Doors

Struggling with doors that are hard to open due to friction against the frame? At The Flying Locksmiths, our comprehensive door service takes care of such issues efficiently, whether it involves rehanging an existing door or replacing it entirely. Our seasoned team is well-versed in handling all types of doors—be it a robust steel door, an elegant commercial glass door, or an expansive double set of doors. We aim to restore your door's functionality in the shortest time possible.

But our service doesn't end with just making sure the doors open and close smoothly. We go the extra mile to also ensure that door accessories like door closers and locks are in optimal condition. In other words, we provide a complete, start-to-finish door service, taking care of every detail down to the door opener and aesthetic design.

Why go through the hassle of coordinating with multiple companies to solve a single door issue when we can offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution? One call to our service team initiates a seamless process that addresses every aspect of your doors, right from the initial assessment to the final touches.

By offering such an all-inclusive door repair service, we save you time, effort, and resources. Choose The Flying Locksmiths for quick, professional, and exceptionally reliable commercial door service that leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your doors are not just functional, but also secure and visually pleasing.