Door security specialist performs commercial door repair

5 Misconceptions About Commercial Door Repair

For any business, the doors to your building are incredibly important to focus on and secure to ensure your store or office remains safe for everyone involved.

Part of responsible security, then, is ensuring you’re taking good care of your doors to ensure they’re operating exactly as intended. When they’re not, the strength of the door weakens over time, turning a simple service call into a large repair job in a few months.

Unfortunately, many people hesitate to call for professional security door repair. Here are some misconceptions about commercial door repair that may be causing you to hesitate.

“Maintenance Checks Aren’t Worth the Trouble”

While the best practice is to routinely check and maintain your doors, a lot of businesses dismiss routine maintenance on many things, not just doors.

The reality is, just like routine maintenance on service vans and personal vehicles absolutely saves money in the long run, the same is true for doors.

The problem is that if you aren’t paying close attention to your doors, you won’t be able to catch problems early before they become full-blown security hazards. Consistently checking on your doors will ensure nothing goes wrong, and little tasks like tightening screws and hinges will ensure your doors are in their best condition.

“Professional Door Repairs Are Too Expensive”

Security doors need to be handled with care. Consider for a moment the condition of the employee entrance. Battered, dented, or even rusted perhaps, but still kicking. Many times, the problems that cause a door to fail, break, or quite literally fall apart, are problems that can be identified months in advance.

In the short term, investing in commercial door repair can seem a tad expensive, but in the long run, professional repair services are a preventative measure for damage that would be far more expensive to address.

You’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches if you have professionals address your security door repair needs early. When addressed early a commercial door repair can prolong the life of the door, instead of letting a small issue may become a major one, turning into the need for a complete door replacement. The cost of door repairs will depend entirely on what needs to be done, so don’t put it off as being too expensive.

“Repaired Doors Are Always Weaker”

A huge misconception about commercial door repair is that a repaired door will be weaker than before. While this may be true if the repairs are shoddy, it’s another reason to depend on professionals to come and service your doors. When done correctly, repaired doors are no weaker than they originally were. Now, severe enough damage may make it impossible to fully restore a door to its original quality, but a professional will be able to determine if such is the case.

“Door Repairs Never Last”

For some reason, many people assume repairs won’t last long, and that the damage will instead reappear like a re-opened wound. In reality, if your door repairs don’t last, then they probably weren’t done correctly. A skilled commercial door repairman will be able to restore your door so that you can’t even tell there was a problem at all.

“It’s Cheaper To Just Replace the Door”

Again, this is fairly subjective. If your doors have been utterly destroyed, then yes, door replacements will be ideal. However, it’s a good idea to have your door’s damage assessed so you can compare numbers between repairs and replacements. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that repairs can be just as economical and are often the better choice.