Commercial locksmith holding keys

5 Myths About Locksmith Services Debunked

If you’ve never called upon commercial locksmiths before, you might have a few misconceptions about what locksmiths do in the modern age. To help you better understand what a locksmith can do for you and why you might need to contact one, let’s debunk five myths about locksmith services.

When To Call a Locksmith

Many people assume you only need to call a locksmith if you need a lock replaced, you’re locked out of your building, or you’re experiencing another lock-related emergency. However, locksmiths have so much more to offer. They also provide businesses with electronic security systems for access control, security cameras, and even new doors for greater security. While they of course still do traditional locks and keys, you can also depend on locksmiths to upgrade the security of your business.

The Master Key

Potentially the biggest myth about locksmith services is that we have a master key that can unlock anything in the world. It’s a good thing no such key exists. Instead, if we need a copy of your key, we’ll make a copy from your existing key using a technique called “impressioning.” This involves making a mold of your business’ key or using manipulation techniques to identify and mimic the minute intricacies of your key.

The Cost of Locksmiths

Some people assume that calling a locksmith is expensive and time-consuming. While services can vary in cost and time, we at The Flying Locksmiths strive to keep our services affordable to anyone. With an emphasis on superb customer service and keeping up with modern security technology, we’ll help you find a cost-effective and efficient service or product for your needs.

Unlike most security providers, we are platform-agnostic, meaning we don’t pigeonhole ourselves into only a handful of commercial security systems. We’ll work with you to find a solution for every door no matter the technical barriers or your price-point limitations.

Similar to other high technology solutions, most access issues can be fixed with a “good, better, best” methodology.

Vintage vs. Modern Locks

While vintage locks provide aesthetic value and create a refined look for your business, remember that they’re antiques and not the same as a modern door lock. If maximizing security is a concern, you will want to call a locksmith to update your business’ security. Vintage locks can be easily broken with force, leaving you vulnerable.

Some of the examples in the field we have run into over our 75-years in business are locking hardware on rustic and high-end businesses like SaaS company offices and Italian restaurants that aim for a very particular look for how their doors operate.

We have distributors for just about any door pull handles and panic bars you might need. Problem solved!

Locksmith Certification

While any reliable locksmith will ensure they have their state licensure if it’s required, some locksmiths operate without certification. Locksmiths don’t have to be certified in most states actually, and this has led to the myth that locksmiths are low-skilled and it’s better to just do it yourself.

Still though, most locksmiths worth their picks will spend time and money on electronic security-related licenses which are required in their state.

Locksmith scams are common, however, so do be sure to do your research before selecting the business that will help protect your company’s employees, customers and assets.