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8 Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

It’s any business or office’s responsibility to ensure that their employees, customers and guests remain safe while in the building. One of the best ways to do this is by focusing on the entrances and exits. By securing the doorways, you prevent intruders from entering your business while still allowing those authorized to enter to get in without much hassle. To make the most of your security, here are eight types of commercial locksmith services you can depend on.

Commercial Lock Installation

When you think of commercial locksmith services, you think of lock installation and servicing. Whether you need to have old locks repaired or want newer, more modern lock replacements, our locksmiths make the process easy and efficient. Business theft is unfortunately common, so it’s paramount that your building maintains effective locks—so don’t hesitate if you notice your business’s locks becoming worn out and unreliable.

When you need your door locks replaced, you can request to have the same manufacturer and model if you desire, or you can take this as an opportunity to try something newer. Our locksmiths are experts in their craft and up-to-date on the latest trends in technology, so they can help you design new and improved lock systems using innovative electronic locks or smart locks.

Electronic Lock Services

Electronic lock systems are some of the best ways to secure a building. In particular, if you need to limit access to only the authorized, we can recommend an access control system that recognizes your employees and other authorized individuals while keeping out everyone else.

Electronic systems, such as smart lock installation, provide better security and help grant you greater control over the building itself by being able to monitor and interact with your locking mechanisms remotely.

If you already have an older electronic system, we can install newer systems to work in parallel with your current one.

If that’s not possible, we can replace your older system with an updated version that works seamlessly with the additions and improvements you want to make.

You can customize and design your electronic lock system to fit your exact needs and desires. Work with our team to figure out the best locks and software for your business.

Antique Lock Repair

You may be hesitant to replace old locks because it will ruin the vintage aesthetic they provide your building. The only problem is that these older locks, even in good condition, aren’t nearly as secure as modern locks and could become a liability.

Locksmith services will work to ensure that your antique locks are in their best condition and help you design a security system that complements your vintage look. This will help you enjoy the style without having to worry if your business is at risk.

Security Camera Systems

Another type of commercial locksmith service doesn’t have anything to do with locks at all! The Flying Locksmiths can help design and provide CCTV security cameras, aka video surveillance, that can help you monitor your business.

If something does happen, whether that be theft or trespassing, you’ll have a record to refer back to that can help you identify the culprit. Furthermore, it can help you quickly identify issues, like a malfunctioning door that may compromise even the best-laid security systems.

We can also integrate security camera systems with access control systems, which is a nifty feature to have if indeed you need to provide context to an audit trail.

8 Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Building Intercom Systems

Similarly, intercoms further help facilitate control and communication throughout your business or office. Intercom systems allow visitors to interact with you or your security directly to obtain the necessary authorization or confirm their identity before you let them into the building.

You can also use building intercom systems to facilitate information throughout the building to keep you up-to-date on the condition of your security and the performance of your system. If there is an issue or breach in security, the intercom will help increase your response time tremendously by making sure everyone is aware of the issue as quickly as possible.

Storefront Door Installation and Replacement

If you need more than just a door and a lock, we can provide you with an entire storefront. Storefront door installations and replacements are popular because the aluminum material is sleek and attractive for any store. Furthermore, the aluminum is incredibly durable and resistant to damage and decay—ensuring that the entrance to your business remains secure and uncompromised.

These storefronts are also a lot more cost-efficient, flexible, and eco-friendly. You’ll get a high-quality storefront fitted to your business without having to break the bank while also reducing your impact on the environment. Should you ever need your storefront replaced, we can recycle the aluminum and remake it into a brand-new storefront.

Door Hardware Installation

While we’ve spoken broadly about security systems for doors, what specific additions can you make to improve your entrances? Two additions you’ve likely encountered quite a bit are door alarms and door closers.

Door closers ensure that you can’t leave a door open or slam it shut.

Alarms work as you’d expect—they go off when someone forces a door open without proper authorization. This alarms others around that someone is trying to intrude upon your office or business. Door alarms are also necessary to alert customers and staff to fire hazards and help them find their way in the event of an emergency.

Also, exit devices, also known as crash bars or panic devices, are necessary for emergency exits to ensure people can quickly and safely exit the building. These are a few of the most common door hardware additions available to you.

Furthermore, panic hardware is required by fire code in many municipalities, thereby making it not only a recommended, but a necessary addition to your business.

Lockout Assistance

Sometimes it happens.

The door shuts behind you, you forgot your ID that grants you access back into your building, or any other number of reasons leaves you stranded outside your own secure doors. When this occurs, all you need to do is call us, and we’ll send out an expert to help you get back into your building with as little hassle as possible.

The Flying Locksmiths can help with commercial, medical, and emergency lockouts to ensure you have the freedom to lock yourself out of any kind of building! Call us today!