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Door Hardware

The Flying Locksmiths offers a comprehensive spectrum of commercial physical security answers for interior and exterior doors, gates, as well as entrance and exit concerns. From automatic operators, hollow cores, metal doors and fire-rated doors, our Physical Security Specialists provide the latest and greatest innovative door, lever, lock and closer solutions, services and devices for all business’ thresholds. Plus, we can complete the removal and installation of all your doors and frames.

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Door Alarms

Door alarms play a critical role in all types of commercial properties. These alarm systems – which can be both standalone and hard-wired into the property – have the potential to prevent theft, improve fire safety, and direct traffic. Most commercial properties benefit from at least one door alarm, and the more occupants the building has, the more you may need. If your facility has rooms with occupancy over 50, or multiple fire exits, door alarms are essential. In the case of a retail store, a door alarm is useful from preventing someone from walking out the back unnoticed (preventing store theft). The device will sound when the door is opened, unless the key or code is used to bypass the alarm. This type of safeguard is useful in all commercial facilities, ranging from health centers to government buildings.

Door Closers

Your door is more than a giant slab of wood. It involves several working parts that all play a role in who can enter and exit your property, how secure your business is, and how safe it is for both clients and customers. Many commercial properties use “door closers,” which are mechanisms that go at the top of the door to prevent the door from slamming shut or remaining open. These closers may also help those who struggle to open doors (for example, due to physical handicap), or be designed to prevent doors from opening too quickly or easily.

Exit Devices & Crash Bars

One of the most important things a business owner can do is have a locksmith provide an exit device on any emergency exit doors. These devices provide egress during emergencies for employees and/or customers, so it’s important that they are installed and operate correctly 100% of the time. At The Flying Locksmiths, we can repair or replace any exit device, on any door, with the utmost confidence that it will operate correctly on a daily basis and will coordinate with Fire Code Safety laws. Our team have over 70 years of experience providing commercial locksmith services to businesses throughout the United States and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Whether you need an exit device, crash bar, or other door service, The Flying Locksmiths can help.

Hands-Free Door Hardware

Doors and handles can be touched thousands of times per day. Each contact increases the likelihood of viral transmission and can spread deadly diseases such as Covid-19. Limit contact where possible through hands-free door hardware that reduces physical contact with hard surfaces while still allowing seamless access.

Hinges & Repairs

As with all things, age plays a critical role on the operationally efficiency of a doors hinges and the screws that hold them in place can give out, sometimes even pulling some of the wood or particle board with it. If this sounds like your door, you might need to talk with a Physical Security Specialist about placing a call to have the doors hinges repaired. In some cases it makes sense to replace the screws and put the original hinges back in place. In other cases, you might need to replace your hinges altogether. TFL can install any kind of hinge—piano/continuous hinges, concealed hinges, exposed hinges, spring-loaded hinges—for your aesthetic and structural needs.

Kick Plates

Whether you’re propping open the door while carrying groceries or constantly getting deliveries to your business, the constant wear will cause unsightly damage and shorten the lifespan of the door. The Flying Locksmiths can help alleviate the stresses on your door with the installation of a kick plate.