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What Is a Door Access Control System?

A door access control system is a digital security system used for identification, authentication and authorization of an individual trying to gain access through a door. A door access system provides a high level of security by ensuring only personnel with the proper credentials are granted access.

What Are The Types of Door Access Control Systems?

There are various types of access control systems but some of the most common are mobile phone access, card access, key fob access, biometric access, RFID, and smart lock access control. Determining the best access control locks and system for your needs and budget depends on various factors. The number of doors you need to secure, whether the system needs to be server-based or cloud-based and what features you require. Access systems can include audit trail capabilities, door lock schedules, integration with other security components, such as fire or intrusion alarms, security cameras, ADA door operators, intercom systems and other building management systems.

Door access control systems can be as basic or advanced as you need so it’s best to discuss options with our access control security specialists. We’ll start with the number of doors you need control and go from there with the features and capabilities you desire. Here are a few common types of systems we offer:

Image of a mobile phone access control system

Mobile Phone Access

If you have a mobile phone, iPhone or Android, why not use it to open a door? These systems utilize an app or NFC capabilities to open a door.

Image of card access control lock

Card Access

Instead of a mechanical key, a keycard (the same size as a credit card) will unlock a door when held in front of a card reader.

Image of a biometric thumbprint reader

Biometric Access

High tech systems utilizing methods such as a fingerprint, retina or iris scan, facial or voice recognition to grant access through a door.

Access Control System With a Key Fob Reader

Key Fob Access

Similar to a keycard system but the access credential is a round fob that stores data and will unlock a door when presented to a reader.

Key Fob Access COntrol Systems
Image of an RFID access control lock

RFID Door Locks

Perfect for a single door (or a couple doors) access codes are programmed within the lock so a pin code will release the lever of the lock.

RFID Door Access Control Locks
Image of smart lock door access control

Smart Locks

A good solution for a single door (or a couple doors) by utilizing an app on a smart phone or NFC communication when in range of the lock.


Access Control Security: Door Access & Life Safety Matter

The Flying Locksmiths and FlyLock Security Solutions brings you expert craftsmanship with innovative security risk mitigation with our access control installation services. You no longer have to concern yourself with collecting keys from past employees or ordering duplicates for new hires. Commercial access control systems allow you to grant or revoke access at any time, to anyone, from anywhere, complete with detailed audit trails making it the smartest security solution for any business. Our decades of experience in electronic access control has enabled us to become a leading nationwide access control company with a local presence in major cities throughout the United States.

TFL Security Specialist Installs New Access Control Systems

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Why Remote Access Control

Unlike other security systems, a lack of keys is fantastic for ensuring access to your business doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With physical keys, you not only need to ensure keys are reclaimed from former employees, but you’ll also likely have to make duplicates as you grow and gain new employees. This further increases the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands by being misplaced. Our expert access control installation services ensure you retain complete control over your business and who has access to it.

Some other benefits that may interest you include:

  • Server-based or cloud-based access control software options
  • Customizability, such as alarm locks, card access, or biometric access systems
  • Audit trail history of who has accessed which doors and when
  • Software training and technical support
  • Long-term durability

Access Control Technician Installs Card Reader For Remote Access System

With the ability to remotely access your business’s high-security access control systems, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your business no matter where you are to control and monitor who has access to your facilities. With a dedication to staying on the cutting edge of security technology, we want to ensure unwanted visitors are kept out while providing your employees with a hassle-free solution for entering and exiting the building.

The Flying Locksmiths Access Control Installation

When you contact us, our access control system installers will work with you to design a high-security access control system best suited to your company’s needs. Because we operate nationwide, our access control installation services, support, and repairs are never far and always accessible. For a more secure business and greater peace of mind, contact us today! With over 75 years of experience, The Flying Locksmiths and FlyLock Security Solutions provides quality work and customer service that can’t be matched.