Access Control

The Flying Locksmiths brings you expert craftsmanship with innovative risk mitigation. You no longer have to concern yourself with collecting keys from past employees or ordering duplicates for new hires. Remote access systems allow you to grant or revoke access at any time, to anyone, from anywhere, complete with detailed audit trails making it the smartest security solution for your business.

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People use AirAllow products simply because it is the most affordable and secure platform on the market. The AirAllow products seamlessly integrate with legacy access control systems without expensive change outs. A friction-less bridge to secure mobile credentials. The solution is easy to use, convenient, and cost effective.


Control all devices and easily manage guest access from EdgeState by RemoteLock’s centralized dashboard.Owners and property managers can automate access with EdgeState software. Hospitality managers can integrate with Airbnb, HomeAway, Guesty and more to provide a seamless guest experience. The software is designed to support many locks, locations and users. Manage access, set schedules and more!


Kisi lets you use your phone as a keycard Give your coworkers the flexibility to unlock doors with their smartphones. Or, when necessary, you can issue traditional keycards—it all comes with the benefit of cloud management for you as an administrator.


ButterflyMX smart intercom allows you to open and manage doors from your smartphones, issue virtual keys for simple visitor access, connect to your PMS and other PropTech amenities, eliminate building wiring and in-unit hardware, and much more!


Whether you're upgrading an existing system, or starting from scratch, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building in a snap. The only company to achieve 94% mobile adoption amongst its users, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control solutions for the modern office. Openpath combines cloud-based software and sleek hardware with an app, enabling hands-free access to the office using the smartphone (that doesn't need to leave your pocket) and making office management easier than ever. Encrypted at every level and powerful, user-level permissions, Openpath Access is more secure and more dynamic than traditional systems.

PDK Touch®

With Touch, we challenged the status quo by creating a device that enhances user experience while upholding the greatest level of security. Fumbling with your phone or unintentional door opening is now a thing of the past.


Upgrade the entryways to your business with the help of The Flying Locksmiths and our advanced cloud-based access control systems. We carry the latest technology to help make your life easier and more secure, including the PDK IO. A full cloud-based access control system, the PDK IO system allows you to effortlessly manage access to your business, no matter where you are.

Electric Strikes

Electric strike locks are used for access control, replacing fixed strike plates. Electric strike installation is one of many methods of allowing for remote locking and unlocking. Electric door strikes are installed in the door jamb and act as a gatekeeper for your door’s locking system, working with almost any type of lock—cylindrical, deadbolts, panic devices, mortise—but electric strike installation will differ slightly for each variety.

Smart Lock Installation

At The Flying Locksmiths, our mission is to provide high-quality security services to home and business owners throughout the country. Every member of our team of certified, experienced locksmiths is proficient in a wide range of security techniques and technologies, and we work with every customer to design a comprehensive security solution that perfectly suits their unique needs. Traditional lock & key hardware has been the gold standard in security for centuries, and still provide an effective method for home and business security – but they’re far from the only option.


Regulating access to your business’s facilities is crucial to making it operate smoothly. Whether you are managing access for employees, contractors or vendors, allowing them proper access at the right time is key to keep things running smoothly. With VIZpin you can control access to multiple sites securely and inexpensively. VIZpin lets you send electronic keys to anyone with a Bluetooth phone, perfect for managing access for those that you want to gain access at the time you want them to gain access. Access keys can be “One-Time” keys, great for events, or can last from 15 minutes to 15 years…and they can’t be copied. Change your mind? No problem, VIZpin electronic keys can be revoked easily anytime, from anywhere. And managing multiple locations is simple because your phone is your network and VIZpin works even when Wi-Fi and cellular networks don’t.

Key Fob System, Card Access & Keypads

More businesses are relying on access cards and Key FOBs to enhance their security while ensuring a user-friendly experience for authorized individuals. For many businesses, restricting access to certain areas is essential in order to protect data, supplies and even people. If your commercial security and access system is not currently up-to-par, The Flying Locksmiths will be happy to sit down with you and identify ways in which we can improve it. Protecting your business if crucial to its success. Ensuring that your employees are able to seamlessly access your facilities and intruders are kept out ensures that your livelihood is protected. As your business grows and attain more success, it’s important that the security for entities increases as well. A great option that many businesses are starting to take advantage of our key fob systems, keypads, and card access.

Codelocks CL5500

Improve the security of your business with smart locks like the Codelocks CL5500 from The Flying Locksmiths. Smart locks provide flexibility and convenience by providing a range of access method options allowing you to choose the most suitable entry method for your application. From a simple keypad to a smartphone or card access, you choose what works for you. Code locks can provide an audit trail and access for hundreds of users. By downloading the K3 Connect App by any Bluetooth compatible smartphone, you and the appropriate parties are able to gain access automatically. Easy to use and administer, the combination of the smart lock and app provide seamless access for its users, even in high traffic areas.

Card Access & Keypads

The use of keypads, access cards, and other access control systems is growing exponentially in popularity. These systems are becoming more and more advanced, while the features become incredibly useful for business owners. Why hand out keys at all? With card access control system installation from Alarm Lock, Biometric (eye and thumbprint) and facial recognition, Paxton and the Arrow Revolution, access can be restricted to a 6 digit combo, key cards or proximity fobs. The Alarm Lock and Paxton systems can even restrict access to certain times of the day and record logs of employees trying to enter after hours! It is truly amazing! These systems can easily be maintained by our staff or we will teach you how to operate them. That way you can periodically make needed, necessary changes.

Alarm Lock / Trilogy Locks

Alarm Lock Systems are a leading access control solution for businesses and other facilities across the United States and world. Their advanced Trilogy security locking system provides access control via PIN-code, swipe reader, HID Prox, or Multi-technology. The versatility Alarm Lock provides makes it perfect for businesses across a variety of industries that require secure locking solutions.