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About Malibu Access Control

It's not often we see a fully functional access control system spring up with all the features of enterprise access control software at a fraction of the cost. Malibu Access Control is just that kind of system.

Malibu is a plug-and-play access control system that connects to the cloud via a board installed on-site. The board is unique in that it doesn't require card readers to function. Instead, it can communicate via wired or wireless connection directly to electric strikes installed at the door and be unlocked via a mobile phone.

Malibu Cloud-Based Access Control

This unique advantage makes Malibu the most affordable access control software we have in our repertoire. Because this is a cloud-based access control system, their management portal can be accessed from any phone or PC as well.

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  • Can connect with pretty much any other access control system and work seamlessly
  • Does not require card readers to function
  • Affordable option for most sites
  • Low install time
  • Incredibly simple user-interface
  • No phone application needed to operate
  • US-based with 24/7 support


Like most access control systems, Malibu requires an internet connection to function. Because the board itself is usually installed in an IT closet, that's usually not an issue. The installation essentially would be setting up the service and running power to electric strikes installed at each of your doors.

If you have wireless strikes, which have become popular in recent years, then those will work too.

If you have doors which don't have connection to the internet, such as a storage unit on-site, there are still solutions for you.

While we wouldn't advise running wire that far, we can install Wireless boosters or even install more unique use-case access control software such as hardware that uses mobile networks to connect to the cloud in that section of your facility and tie the programs together.


Mobile Credentials
Their unique mobile credentials offer innovation and value. It’s the easiest to use mobile credential on the market.

You can configure your door or gate Open a door or gate with your phone still in your pocket. Our passive mobile credential technology enables users to simply walk up to the door or drive up to a gate and it will automatically open. The mobile credential doesn’t need any type of special card reader, no Bluetooth or NFC.

Enterprise Connectivity
Malibu Access Control systems can talk to one another over multiple sites. The system doesn’t require dedicated Windows and SQL servers, complex network configuration, or port forwarding. Malibu Modules are designed to talk to each other in a plug-and-play fashion. Credentials are automatically synchronized to the correct location based on intuitive logical credential activation.

Phone Entry System
Malibu Access Control has partnered with MyDoorView to provide a seamless integration to their video phone entry system. Once the API credentials are entered into Malibu, all of the user data and credentials are synchronized automatically in real time to MyDoorView. The MyDoorView app enable full video with the phone entry console. The integration allows the phone entry system to have as many additional access points and all of the other features of Malibu available.

Elevator Control Access Control
Usually if elevator control is needed, it’s a separate system that must be separate from the access control system. Malibu Access Control has elevator control built into the system. The same controller board that works for doors and gates can be designated for elevator control.

Emergency Lockdown
Lock all doors in case of an emergency such as an active shooter. All doors that have been schedule open or held open will automatically lock. All credentials except for 24/7 access credentials will be denied privilege to enter. The Emergency Lockdown features allows you to send bulk text messages to all credential holders to communicate the emergency.

Messages can be sent to individual groups or to all credential holders.

Alarm Notifications
This feature allows notifications to be sent based on different events. The notifications can be SMS text message and email. There is also a programmable relay expansion board that can trigger relays based on these events. The following are the different notification types that can be setup. There are several reset options for the alarm. The alarm can be active for as long as the door is open, it can be for a designated time, or a combination of door open and designated time.

Forced Entry Alarms
Anytime an access point is forced open, a notification can be configured or a relay can be triggered. When an access point is opened without a valid card read, Malibu will raise the alarm.

  • Hold Open Too Long Alarm - Anytime an access point is held open longer that a designated time, a notification can be configured or a relay can be triggered. The designated time is set in the software and can be any range.
  • Invalid Read or Keypad Alarm - The invalid read feature prevents someone from trying to guess a keypad code or scanning invalid cards. A notification can be set whenever there is an invalid card read or code entered.
  • Panic Code Alarm - The panic code allows the door to be opened while triggering the alarm notification.
  • Open Door Alarm - An alarm can be configured even for just a door being opened. This alarm will be raised any time the designated door is opened.

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