Locksmith Company For 70 Years

We are incredibly proud of having been a locksmith company for over 70 years. Years of locksmith experience and business education are two of the main components that create the framework of The Flying Locksmiths leadership team. It began with William McMenimon Sr., working out of his Jeep with one key machine in 1946. He was training to become a pilot and working as a locksmith, hence the reason for the unusual name. He opened a small key shop in Dorchester and later moved to Randolph, where the storefront is still located 30 years later.

When William retired, he passed the business down to his sons; Barry and Brad, who expanded the company into the highly recognizable Boston based business it is today! The third generation, have also joined the leadership team, infusing the well-established family business, with the convenience of modern technology.

The combination of generations has created a blend of old school ideals and new age tech, resulting in a mix that offers the newest products with a friendly neighborly smile. The mission of the company is simple: provide top of the line security, utilizing all means of communication, while staying true to family values.



Our email response between 8-5 is extremely fast, and anything after hours is responded to immediately the following day. Never listen to an automated response system. Speak with a qualified locksmith everytime and get real time answers. We solve many of your problems over the phone and via email.


Our inventory is much bigger than most locksmiths. Through a partnership with Clark Security Products, we are able to keep small amounts of inventory, that we can re-stock in no time. This means we can keep items on our shelf, take them when they are needed, and have it's replacement - next day! In our industry, it's essential for locksmiths to have the parts they need, right when they need them. Thanks to this partnership, The Flying Locksmiths have everything they need and so do our customers!


With all the years combined between techs and owners, we have over 200 years of experience in the field. If one tech hasn’t seen a particular lock, it’s highly likely someone else has. We keep an active photo stream between all our locksmiths, where they can post photos with questions. 9 times out of 10, someone knows what it is, how to fix or how to replace it. There is a constant line of communication between all of us, from east coast to west coast!

Responsive Time

We run several locksmith vans every day. So chances are good, that a locksmith is in your area, when you need them. We also make our commercial customers a priority, so if they have an emergency, we will be there that day. We have become known as a very reliable commercial locksmith because of this.