Mobile Phone Access Control | Mobile Credentials For Door Access Systems

A convenient keyless access control system that enables users to open doors via a smart phone


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About Mobile Phone Access Systems

The use of a smart phone, Android or iPhone, to access specific doors in a facility is growing exponentially in popularity. There is no need to hand out keys because the credential is on the phone. Some systems utilize key cards or key fobs that store credential data, which is processed by a card reader to grant access through a door. Mobile phone access systems utilize the similar credential technology but the data is stored in a digital key, which is on the phone. The use of near field communication, NFC, works when the phone is in the vicinity of the card reader. If the credential on the phone is valid, the door will open.

Person uses a mobile phone access control card reader

Some systems utilize and app to gain access through a door. The app must be opened and when held near a card reader or door lock, the door handle of the electronic lock will release, or electronic door hardware such as an electric strike or maglock will release.

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Is a Mobile Phone Access System Right For Your Facility?

Determining what keyless entry system is right for you can be overwhelming considering the amount of options on the market. Many systems now offer mobile credentials and the ability to open doors with a smart phone. If that's the functionality you desire, we'll work with you on an access control solution to meet your needs. Unfortunately, what happens quite often is you may be lead to buy a specific brand only because it's what your installer sells and is comfortable with installing – so the actual amount of options you may or may not be presented with, are limited to the exposure of your installer.

What makes us stand out as an access control company is that we know ALOT of card access control systems and don't try to guide a person to a specific system based on our ability to install it. It's all about the customer and what door access system will best fit their requirements. We have experience with so many types of systems because our vast network of locations throughout the US work together, sharing knowledge, feedback and tips – so the access systems presented have been vetted, tested and approved by professional Physical Security Specialists. Ultimately, the decision is based on the size of your business, how many doors need controlled access, the number of card readers required, your business goals, security strategy, and of course, your budget.

Here are some questions to answer when considering a mobile phone access control system:

  • Is there sufficient Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building?
  • Do you need the system to integrate with security cameras, handicap doors, or other building management systems?
  • Does everyone who needs access to your facility have a smart phone?
  • If cell phones are going to be used as a credential, are people willing to pay the annual cost?
  • Do you need the capability to pull activity logs or audit trails?
  • Will you want to remotely lock/unlock all doors in an emergency?

Mobile phone access systems have a plethora of features to utilize, but if your doors are not closing and operating correctly – those features are pointless. Before looking into a mobile phone access system, have a security specialist inspect the mechanical pieces of your doors first. Doors and frames must be in good working condition for effective security. Once the doors are operating correctly, then decisions can be made on the best electronic door hardware and access control software to be used. This process requires professional assistance from a security expert, request a quote or call us at 800-649-5397 to get started.