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About Lockly Smart Locks

LOCKLY has spent 25 years designing, building and manufacturing security and commercial smart lock solutions. LOCKLY has positioned themselves as the only known vertically integrated property technology company offering innovative commercial smart lock solutions as well as manufacturing, cloud services as a software and top-notch customer service.

Lockly Smart Locks and Video Doorbell

LOCKLY has focused on bringing a best-in-class solution by providing products with: 130+ global technology patents, sleek, premium, rigorously-tested product designs, years of manufacturing experience, complete vertically integrated solution, and a top tier customer service team.

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  • PIN Genie - A patented and hack-proof PIN protection system, which started as an App, and transformed into the flagship technology of our LOCKLY ecosystem
  • 3D Biometric Fingerprint Recognition - can hold up to 99 different fingerprints - Your finger is your key!
  • Offline Access Codes - A patented pending proprietary code delivery process that can be used offline without WiFi or Bluetooth connections
  • Additional Code Functions - Trusted User, Guest Access with Validity Periods, One Time Use
  • Exclusive Property Management Software – LOCKLY Access Portal - allows the user to manage multiple properties from anywhere in the world
  • Battery - Longest battery life amongst all Smart Lock devices - roughly 8 - 10 months


Hack-Proof Digital Keypad
❑ Patented PIN Genie - touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations.
Advanced 3D Fingerprint Sensor (available on PLUS, PRO and VISION)
❑ LOCKLY’s 3D biometric fingerprint sensor is unlike other optical readers that often times can be faked through images.
Video Monitoring and Recording (available on VISION)
❑ Know who’s at your front door with Live View camera streaming. Have real-time conversations with anyone who is at your door all from the convenience of your smartphone. Video recordings stored locally on your:
Mobile App Control
❑ Unlock, lock, check door, track access history and unique user profile data through free LOCKLY smartphone app.
Send eKeys to Friends and Family
❑ Grant one-time use or specific time duration access by issuing codes or digital eKeys remotely via a mobile device.
Offline Access Codes™
❑ Issue Offline Access Codes that do not require users to download an app or have Wi-Fi or Internet connection to use.
Easy, One Person Installation
❑ Simple 15-min DIY home project using industry- leading 3-D step-by-step video instruction. Rekeying Capability
❑ Replace 6-pin cylinder with readily available rekeying kits.
Upgradeable with Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub*, adds the following capabilities:
❑ Optional Voice Assistant* : control with your voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
❑ LOCKLY OS* : Manage 1 or 1,000 locks across multiple properties with LOCKLY OS


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