RFID Door Locks For Businesses

RFID locks are a type of wireless access control device that provides a standalone option for managing access to specific doors. The locks are programmed with unique credentials to control door access.


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About RFID Door Locks

RFID Door Lock Systems have evolved from single-unit, high-profile (and downright ugly) pieces of hardware to sleek technological marvels built to support an enterprise. Put it in a low-profile system like a commercial smart lock, and you’ve got an inexpensive way to control access for your entire company.

Luckily, we’ve got access control options for any use case, any type of business, any-sized facility—nationwide. And we've tested these systems, so you don't have to.

What is an RFID Door Lock?

Systems like RFID Door Locks utilize the digital signature left behind from a credential method like a key card or a proximity fob. Inside these little pieces of technology is a transponder that communicates with a signal inside of a receiver (like a smart lock or a door reader.) Once the user is authenticated, the lock handle releases to enable access through the door.

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What types of locking systems use RFID technology?

Most access control systems accept RFID credentials. Typically, this is done through a reader inside of a smart lock or an access control reader. Because both of those systems come in many flavors and from many providers, it’s important to focus more on what you’re hoping to accomplish rather than the technical way an access control system will authenticate a user.

How do I do that you ask?
Check out our annual list of the best access control systems in the United States to answer any question you have! And reach out to our team of door security professionals to help with options for RFID door lock systems to meet your precise needs.

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