Mechanical and electronic locks on a fence.

Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

Modern security is constantly changing. The latest technology is introducing new ways of protecting your assets. Standard mechanical devices are rapidly being replaced by modern electrical devices but a question that many individuals have is which device is more reliable and more secure? We have compiled the pros and cons of these two locking systems to help home and business owners decide which device makes the most sense for them and will keep their assets the most secure.

Mechanical Locks

These types of locks are operated 100% without electricity or batteries. They have been around for hundreds of years and are often a long-lasting solution for simple security needs.

Cons include: 

  • The technology has stagnated and has not kept up with modern security demands
  • Opening a high-security mechanical lock can sometimes be a slow process and force you to start over repeatedly
  • Need professional help if there is any malfunctioning on the device
  • Unauthorized key duplication can leave your business vulnerable without you even being aware of it
  • Mechanical locks cannot provide an audit of when the door has been accessed and by whom
  • Whenever keys are lost, stolen or duplicated without permission, you incur the expense of having every lock changed that the key accesses

Pros include:

  • Reliable time-tested solutions since the 1800s
  • Hardware tends to last a long time without the need for extensive repair work
  • Does not require electrical power
  • Often a weatherproof solution
  • Most employees have a good understanding of how to operate mechanical locking mechanisms

Electronic Locks

New security threats mean new security technology needs to be implemented to address those weaknesses. Additionally, standard mechanical locks can quickly cause inefficiency in business operations, are limited in function, and expensive to maintain properly.

Cons include:

  • Need access to electricity via battery or other
  • If you lose power you could temporarily lose the ability to open the lock
  • May require employee training to operate
  • May need to change battery routinely
  • Many options and features associated with adding an electrical lock to your home or business often requiring professional assistance in choosing the best option

Pros include:

  • Added security with increased lock combinations from standard mechanical locks
  • Easily add or change combinations
  • Easy to access and ability to operate in the dark
  • Weather resistance options
  • Add, block, or transfer users with specific access abilities
  • Monitor access by hour of the day
  • Have a record log of who accessed and when
  • Can often self-service the locks and make changes without paying for additional help
  • Can integrate additional hardware such as intercoms and surveillance cameras

What Is The Next Step?

The commercial locksmiths at The Flying Locksmiths can install an intuitive electronic access control system to provide you with facility-wide management and control, unmatched by the use of regular locks and keys. You can lock and unlock doors from anywhere and give your new employees immediate access only to the areas they need.

Whether it’s a basic lock and key or an old key card system, if you fall into any of the reasons we’ve discussed to change or upgrade your locks, maybe it’s time to consider a new security solution. Your local, licensed and insured Flying Locksmiths is here to help you make your best, educated decisions concerning your commercial security priorities. Contact us today!