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Alarm Lock / Trilogy Locks

A leading access control solution for businesses

Alarm Lock Systems are the most widely used access control systems The Flying Locksmiths install, which is a testament to the products durability, reliability and versatility. As a leading access control solution for businesses and other facilities across the United States, all of TFL’s Physical Security Specialists are equipped to troubleshoot, repair, reprogram and install Alarm Lock on various doors and openings. In fact, we even have some units installed in our home office!

What Credential Works For You?

The advanced Alarm Lock Trilogy security locking system provides access control via PIN-code, swipe reader, HID Prox, or Multi-technology. Essentially, a user can present any credential they deem convenient, without the need to run wires from the door to a power source. That’s right! No wire runs necessary; as these units are completely powered from battery and those batteries can last for years (depending on usage). Without the need to run these Alarm Lock trilogy units to a power supply, the installation is purely about matching the lock to the door – which is much more cost effective for the end user. The Alarm Lock trilogy units will also present administrators with powerful audit trail features, the ability to schedule events and they have even added the option to program wirelessly without the need to bring a laptop to the device!

Cost Effective Access Control Solution

The Alarm Lock Trilogy units are a cost-effective and simple solution for a business looking to get away from keys, while monitoring the daily opening of a remote or main entrance. They come in a variety of colors, to match the look of your frame and with a multitude f options, depending on the needs of the facility. The versatility Alarm Lock provides makes it perfect for businesses across a variety of industries that require secure locking solutions.


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