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What You Need to Know About Locksmith Scams

When you’re looking for a locksmith The Flying Locksmiths are here to provide for your every need when it comes to locksmithing. For the past 70 years, our company has developed a history of reliability and trustworthiness. Many of the other locksmiths you’ll find aren’t reliable – and actually, most of them aren’t even locksmiths! As your trusted locksmith, we’d like to raise some awareness as to the growing trend of locksmith scams.

Why You Should Watch Out
Though you may not be aware of it, locksmith scams actually occur every day to thousands of Americans. Locksmith scams may seem like just an isolated incident to those they happen to, but it’s not just that; they’re part of a nationwide epidemic to rob people of their money. The locksmith scamming industry is a lucrative and prospering one – the industry is estimated to earn well over a billion dollars!

Because these scammers are part of such a massive money-making industry, it gives them the spending power to out muscle legitimate locksmiths by drowning them out in a sea of advertisements and fake businesses. Hundreds – even thousands – of fake businesses will be listed in the phone book and even more are listed on the internet. This is why doing your research to find a trusted locksmith is even more imperative.

How to Spot a Scammer
Locksmith scammers will give themselves away in a variety of different ways. While many legitimate locksmiths can be guilty of one or two of the things off the following list, the usage of several of these in conjunction is a good sign that your ‘locksmith’ is actually a scammer. Some of the signs you need to be aware of include:

Locksmith scammers will use more advertisements than a legitimate business could ever afford.

The locksmith doesn’t actually have a physical location. If a location is actually indicated, it’s in a far-off state or it’s a fake address.

The locksmith company won’t actually use photos of the locksmiths. They may also use fake stock photos on their website.

Calling the phone number for a locksmith scam will take you to support that will actively avoid giving you any information and keep the little info they do provide as vague as possible. This is because they’re usually a front for multiple scams and really can’t answer your questions accurately.

They won’t discuss money or even a ballpark estimate. They’ll give out a claim along the lines of “15 dollars and up.” And it will always be up – way up!

They will refuse credit cards.

The locksmith won’t be using a uniform or have any kind of badge or identification.

The locksmith’s car is either unmarked or has removable signs on the car so they can scam as different company names.

The locksmith will give an excuse as to why the lock can’t be picked. The locksmith will then go on to using a brute force method like drilling the lock.

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