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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

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When it comes to choosing a locksmith to service your home, it’s important that we also mention that not all companies are actually reputable. In fact, locksmith scamming is quickly becoming a lucrative industry, making it tougher to find a locksmith you can count on. To help you out, we’ve provided you with some tips on how to spot and avoid locksmith scams.


Scammers will generally give themselves away by displaying several of the following traits. It’s possible that a perfectly legitimate locksmith falls into one or two of these categories. However, the more of these that a locksmith is guilty of, the more likely it is that the person isn’t actually a locksmith at all.

First and foremost, be sure to ask anyone you’re about to do business with for their license. They should have no issue providing you with this information, and if they don’t you already have a red flag. Other scam behaviors to look out for include:

Display a mass quantity of advertisements that legitimate locksmiths don’t have the money to afford.

  • Fail to have an actual physical location. If they do have a physical location, it’s either fake or listed in a far-away state (and also fake).
  • Have sketchy-looking websites that only use generic stock photos, with no evidence of reputable locksmith photos available.
  • Have a high number of fake reviews on Google (and other review platforms) that are vague and non-descriptive.
  • Show up in regular street clothes with no uniform, or name tag present.
  • Have magnetic removable signs on their car because they scam through multiple different fake companies. Their car may look like an everyday citizen’s car.
  • Inability to perform any locksmithing, causing damage to the property they’re trying to fix. For example, they may drill into a door when other techniques are meant to be used.
  • Refuse to give estimates or exact costs of the service until it’s time to pay up. While their services are usually advertised as cheap with prices like “$15 and up,” you’ll find that the actual cost of their service will trend much closer to the “up” part of that quote; you may likely find yourself paying a cost several dozen times more than you expected.



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