A Wireless CCTV camera setting outside building with white box water poof with sun blur background.

Why Your Security System Needs Regular Maintenance

Once you have an advanced security system for your business, make sure you protect your investment in the system with routine maintenance. After all, a security system can only function when it has no weaknesses that leave your business vulnerable to theft or break-ins.

The main reason for your investment in a security system is the same reason why you should maintain it: to avoid internal and external theft. Whether from customers or employees, theft can cost your business plenty of money each year. A security system can be targeted to monitor areas in your business that may be vulnerable to theft, including cash registers, supply areas and places where you keep expensive equipment. In addition to keeping an eye on these areas, a security system can help you limit who accesses them. However, every security system requires routine audits to ensure it’s working properly.

Take a look below at three elements that should be included in your routine security system audits.

Check Visual Security – Make sure you or your security personnel can see all entrances and exits. You may have to move furniture, equipment or signage away from windows and have trees and bushes trimmed down to make sure you have a visual of your access areas from outside. Lighting should be installed around these areas, as well as in parking areas, and debris should be cleared. Finally, closets and storage areas should stay clean and organized.

Demarcate Your Property – Indicate where your property ends using signage, fencing, bushes or walkways. During your routine security audit, check on all of these elements to make sure they are maintained and clearly visible.

Assess Your System – Make sure security personnel are properly hired and trained to monitor access points and understand security reports. Doors and locks should be checked routinely to make sure they’re working, and ID badges should be assessed to make sure that each employee has their specific keycard and that past employees’ cards no longer work.

At The Flying Locksmiths, we can install your security system and teach you how to operate it. Just as importantly, we can train your staff members on how to complete routine audits to check that your system is functioning as it should.

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