Touchless entry system at commercial business.

Why Property Managers Need Touchless Access Control

Touchless entry systems offer so much more than convenience these days, although that is certainly a draw. Contactless entry is one of the best ways to limit the spread of germs in commonly touched areas, especially doorknobs. That’s why so many property managers are turning to touchless entry systems whether their properties are residential or commercial in nature. Make sure your tenants are comfortable and safe with the help of a touchless access control system installed by the team at The Flying Locksmiths!

Decrease the Spread of Germs

Ever since the pandemic began, people have been more preoccupied with finding ways to avoid germs. Contactless entry will give your tenants peace of mind and ensure that they can avoid spreading germs where they live or work.

Get Rid of Physical Keys

Any property manager will tell you that tenants losing their keys is common. Say goodbye to this annoyance by installing a contactless entry system that utilizes Bluetooth. Tenants can access your building using their phones. Think of all the time and effort that will be saved!

Make Real-Time Changes

Revoke or allow access remotely with your new entry system. You won’t have to meet up with tenants in person, which could risk the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, not to mention use your valuable time. Real-time changes to tenant access can be done wherever you are!

Upgrade Without Breaking the Bank

Contactless entry systems are more affordable than you think. As a property manager, you’re probably concerned about cost. We can provide this upgrade to your entry system (if you have one) at a reasonable price.

Get Started Today!

Whether you want to learn more about touchless entry for your business, apartment complex or other property or you’re ready for installation today, the team at The Flying Locksmiths is here to help. Contact us today and enjoy contactless entry for your building!