Delivery Person Using Building Intercom System

Door Release Intercom Systems For Your Business

Intercoms have been around for decades, so you probably understand the basics: a system transmits audio from one place (usually the exterior of a building) to another (usually the inside). What you may not know is that intercoms have come a long way and now have video capabilities and allow for remote access. For apartment buildings and their residents, this is a game changer. Safety and convenience are just a few of the benefits of ButterflyMX, the intercom system trusted by commercial clients across the country. Take a look below at some of the other advantages of intercom systems.

The Basics of Remote Door Release
Perhaps one of the most appealing features of ButterflyMX is the ability it gives staff and tenants to see who’s at the door and grant them access from anywhere. Since the system can be controlled by your smartphone, you can grant access to visitors or a delivery person from inside your apartment. Just as importantly, you can deny access to strangers or security threats.

Selecting an Intercom System
Not every intercom system comes with a remote door release, so make sure this is something you seek when searching for a system for your business. A wireless system can send signals directly to smartphones and unlock doors with a magnetic or electric lock.

The intercom system you choose will be based on more than just wiring: special features, budget and the infrastructure of your building will all play a part in the decision-making process. The best way to determine which intercom is right for you is to contact The Flying Locksmiths for a free assessment.

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