Secure transaction at business store front.

5 Step Plan To Improving Business Security

Maintaining a secure office not only protects your employees but also reduces losses to your bottom line. Stolen cash, missing inventory, falsified time cards, inaccurate record keeping, shoplifting, insurance fraud, unreported sales, and service vehicle abuse are just a few of the potential outcomes of a poorly maintained security system. These problems harm your businesses and cut into your profits.

It is important to develop a clear goal behind your security system, prioritizing the specific needs of your office environment. Note what kind of assets are at risk (including employees and customers) and make those a priority. You’ve heard the old saying, “Plan your work and work your plan!” Follow this 5 step plan to instantly boost your workplace security.


Take a walk through your office or workplace floor and try to identify low hanging fruit security threats. Could someone unauthorized access a doorway without anyone knowing? Could a shoplifter access inventory out of an employee’s line of sight? Evaluate the common office operations and look for information security threats as well as efficiency weaknesses.


A written “here is how we do it here” for every aspect of your business from how to handle cash and receipts to how to lock up and close the office. If you don’t have these common procedures documented and mandated it’s critical to develop.


You can’t wish the problem away! Barriers include hardware, such as exit alarms, cameras, safes, time clocks, high-security money bags, access control systems and much more. These barriers need to be strategically chosen and implement office-wide to boost security without decreasing efficiency. One of our qualified security specialists at the Flying Locksmiths can assist businesses with choosing and implementing commercial security systems.


Communication is the key! Once written instruction is developed each employee should be trained in their specific areas and certain procedures should be trained office-wide. Test the system and adjust as needs arise.


Take random checks on office compliance with implemented procedures. Do employees take short cuts? Are security technologies being properly maintained? Is office efficiency significantly increasing or decreasing? Have theft incidence or employee errors been less frequent or caught and corrected early?

Making your office more secure should be a priority for every business. Following these steps is a sure way to make a move in the right direction but having a security specialist assist your efforts is the only way to assure you’re doing all you can do. The Flying Locksmiths can help! We provide emergency commercial service 24/7 and are ready to help your business boost its security! Contact us today to get started.