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How to Secure Your Home on a Budget, Without Compromising Security


You know that phrase: “They just don’t make them like they used too”? As far as locks are concerned, that phrase is very true.

That’s not to say that the locks available today are of a lesser quality than the ones built years ago. In fact, many locks today offer conveniences and benefits that were unheard of just a few years ago. However, many manufacturers have sacrificed quality in order to meet certain price points. The median home value is the United States is $226,300, according to Zillow – is the best way to protect this kind of investment a cheap $10 lock? Would you be surprised if that lock didn’t hold up against a physical attack by a burglar? In both cases, the answer is going to be no. Unfortunately, high-quality locks can be extremely expensive, and it is sometimes hard for homeowners to justify the extra cost until a security incident occurs. At The Flying Locksmiths, we understand this problem, and have found a good middle ground to help homeowners maintain security and stay within your budget at the same time.


As locksmiths, our team opens a wide variety of doors on a daily basis. Out of all of these doors, the easiest ones to open by far are the ones secured by hardware store-quality locks. In most cases, the lock tolerances and mechanics are loose, which makes it easy for us to manipulate and open them in usually less than a minute.

It makes you wonder “what’s the point”?

Most people will often ask for some kind of upgrade after seeing how simple these locks are to open. The same goes for the hardware store deadbolts. Instead of being a solid piece of brass with a large bolt and “throw”, their components are made from plastic and Die-Cast. Materials like that are not enough to stop someone from kicking in a door, which is the main security function deadbolts are supposed to provide.


So, how do homeowners compromise between function and cost? The locks sold at locksmith shops can be expensive, because most locksmiths won’t sell and warranty the cheap hardware store locks. On the other hand, the cheap locks at the hardware store won’t provide enough physical protection. To meet the needs of our residential customers, our locksmiths have come up with a solution that’s affordable while still providing substantial protection for your home.


This solution allows homeowners to cut back on the costs of a full high-quality locking system, but still get the majority of the protection one provides. Our solution is simple: install budget door knobs to save money, but complement them with a high-quality deadbolt that’s capable of protecting you against forced entry. With the primary means of security coming from the deadbolt, homeowners are able to maintain a budget without compromising their homes.

If you are interested in upgrading or installing deadbolts in your home, contact us and get pricing by email or over the phone!