Office break in.

What To Do After Someone Breaks Into Your Office

What to do after a break-in

Break-ins can be just as overwhelming when they happen at your office as they do at your home. After all, as the business owner or manager, this impacts your livelihood and can cost you money and peace of mind. To regain control during an overwhelming time, follow these steps after an office break-in to deal with the fallout and prevent future security breaches.

Call the Police

Whether you suspect the break-in happened overnight or if you walk in during the event, call the police right away to make sure they inspect the building before you and your employees enter it.

Repair Windows, Doors & Locks

If windows, doors or locks were broken during the burglary, be sure to get that area fixed and sealed as soon as possible. Otherwise, this will be a point of vulnerability and leave you prone to future break-ins.

Assess What Happened

Can you acquire security camera footage of the break-in, either from your facility or nearby cameras? Take note of when and where the break-in occurred and formulate a description of the perpetrator, if possible.

Take Inventory

Make a list of what was stolen and what it was worth. This is important not just for inventory purposes but for filing an incident report.

File an Official Incident Report

The information you’ve gathered above will be used to file the incident report with the police, a necessary step to complete before contacting your insurance company.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company and provide them with the incident report along with any other information they need about what was stolen or damaged.

Speak with Your Staff

Don’t forget that break-ins can leave your staff feeling anxious, too. Speak with your team members and reassure them. Before you do this, have a plan of action in mind with an upgraded security strategy so that you can communicate this to your team.

Improve Your Security

One of the most important next steps after dealing with the break-in itself is coming up with a new security plan. The best way to access a customized security system for your business is to contact the team at The Flying Locksmiths. We can assess your building and not just provide the latest security equipment but also teach you how to use it.

Whether you’re an office manager or owner, The Flying Locksmiths is here to help you after a break-in. And if a break-in has not yet occurred, please contact us to improve your security system so you have a plan in place; we can help with security cameras, access control systems and so much more. Give us a call today for a free assessment or quote!