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Door Alarms – No More Doors Propped Open!

Why You Shouldn’t Prop Your Doors Open

Do you have a door alarm on all necessary exterior doors? If you find doors are being propped open on your property for any reason, your chances of being a victim of theft increase greatly, as well as the possibility of damaging the door. In fact, doors that are constantly left propped open are one of the main reasons our locksmiths are called to job sites. It might seem harmless to put something between the door and frame, but in reality, it causes alignment issues that render the locking system completely useless. We all realize the risk and vulnerability created by employees doing this. Someone could walk right into your facility. The wind can also catch the door and slam it around, breaking closers, and damaging your locks and hinges. But how do you stop people from propping doors open? Company policy and signs on the door are unfortunately not enough. Door alarms are the only way to prevent this from happening on an ongoing basis.

Which Door Alarm Should You Install?

Of course, the type of door alarm that you choose to install will be based upon your needs as well as the size of your property. The Flying Locksmiths recommends Alarm Lock’s PG21 Series Narrow Stile Door Alarms as they have long been an industry staple in all industries. Whether you run a retail store, law firm, government institution, bank, or a school, door alarms are one of the best ways to keep your employees and personnel safe at all times. The PG21 MS Series Door Alarms have new features and a new designer look that fits both standard size and narrow stile doors. The alarm features a new strobe light option for sight and sound upon alarm tripping and is a necessity when time is so critical in apprehending a perpetrator making an unauthorized exit. It will also make a really annoying noise when employees go out for a smoke break. As a business manager or owner, you aren’t able to watch everyone coming and going all the time which is why it’s so important to have commercial security solutions in place. The PG21 door alarm watches the door for you! Now security staff can audibly and visually pinpoint which door, across the floor, even among a whole bank of doors, has been violated faster than ever!

Only employees with the correct key or pin code can disable the alarm to open the door. This completely stops all the issues related to propping a door open. Even better, the PG21 door alarm doesn’t involve any wires, is incredibly easy to install, and retails for around $260. Some features include:


• Four Siren Sounds

• Four Alarm Modes for a variety of applications

• Optional Time Delays

• Battery Operated (battery life approximately 2 1/2 years)

• External Power Supply Capability

• Built-in Door Bell (requires button installation)

• Cover Tamper Protection (unauthorized removal triggers alarm)

• Key Lock Tamper (cover cannot be removed without key)

• Accepts standard mortise cylinders

• Multiple Door Monitoring (external reed/magnet switch contacts)

• Form-C Relay (connect to fire/burglary panel or other devices)

• Annunciator Feature (beeps when the door opens)

• Two Operating Modes: Always Armed and On/Off

• Strobe Feature (PG21MSS models only)

• Status Indicator 

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