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Door Alarms 101: Stand Alone vs Hardwired Door Alarms

Has your business been a victim of theft through the back door of your facility? Door alarms are imperative to businesses or stores with multiple fire exits and room occupancy of 50+. Door alarms help prevent unauthorized entry or exit from a back or side door without having to constantly monitor your doors. 

Many retailers and other businesses use a stand-alone door alarm on a back door, to prevent employees and customers from walking out the back with the merchandise. Anytime the door is opened, the Detex door alarm device (for example) will sound unless the authorized key (or code) is used to bypass the alarm. A door alarm can be very useful in preventing someone from exiting unnoticed. Our Detex door alarms are available in a variety of options to fit on almost any existing door. Whether you are in retail, health care, education or government buildings, you will most likely need to have these units installed, repaired or replaced. 



Many may be unclear about the differences between hardwired security and wireless security. Hardwired alarm systems typically require a landline connection, whereas wireless systems do not. Another benefit of wireless door alarm systems is that wireless systems can be easily transported. Wireless systems normally come with an app that you can use to monitor your store 24/7 and while you’re on the go. Wireless systems are easily integrated with mobile phones or other devices such as computers. Stand-alone door alarms or sensors are also easily installed, usually installed on the top corner of your door. Stand-alone door alarms will ping a chime each time the door is opened so that you’re immediately notified of anyone coming or going on the premises. No matter which door alarm solution you go with, The Flying Locksmiths is here for you every step of the way. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your new door alarm system. One of the most common questions that we are asked about door alarms is how to change the batteries. Watch this brief video demonstration on how to change the batteries on one of our most popular models – Detex. Give us a call today at 1-800 -649-5397 to get started with The Flying Locksmiths!