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Do I need a Fire-Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors, or doors that are made to withstand heat, smoke and fire, are required for many commercial buildings. Beyond that requirement, a business may want to invest in fire-rated doors for the safety of everyone and the protection of property. Next time you’re considering upgrading your space’s doors, keep these facts in mind as you decide whether to install fire-rated doors in your commercial building.

Fire doors are sometimes required by law.

Fire-rated doors are often required in commercial construction settings. If you aren’t sure about local and national building codes, turn to the team at The Flying Locksmiths. We serve clients throughout the country, and we can guide you through the process of adhering to fire codes as they pertain to your doors.

Fire doors are often needed in elevators and stairwells.

Fire doors will protect occupants of an elevator or in the stairwell from smoke and fire. This protection can help to ensure a safe and swift evacuation of the building in the event of a fire, possibly preventing an emergency from turning into a tragedy.

Fire doors are especially important in settings that serve vulnerable populations.                 

Educational and healthcare settings are two common places where fire-rated doors are especially important; nursing homes, hotels and restaurants are in the same category. Children and the elderly are likely to frequent these places, so fire-rated doors and door hardware can increase safety for these populations.

Fire-rated doors can be combined with alarms and hardware to improve safety.

In addition to the doors themselves, doors should be connected with the alarm system and should have the ability to close on their own. Specific kick plates, latch bolts and other hardware can make the exits of your space that much safer.

Fire doors instill confidence in your business.

Employees, customers and patients will have peace of mind when they enter your business, knowing that the doors include proven features that will keep them safe.

Find out more about the benefits of fire-rated doors and what ones will work best for your commercial property by calling The Flying Locksmiths today! Whether you need us to install one door or multiple doors throughout your building, we can help you find doors that keep your building up to code.