How Often Should Automatic Doors Be Serviced?

How Often Should Automatic Doors Be Serviced?

Automatic doors are a great addition to your business because in many cases they are required per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code, but they also provide ease of access, a sense of professionalism, and even greater security. To maintain these benefits, however, how often should automatic doors be serviced? Let’s discuss the various factors that you should consider and watch for so that you know when automatic door repair services are necessary.

General Practice

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that an inspector who has been certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) inspect your automatic doors annually to ensure there are no underlying issues that may damage or compromise them. If there is an issue, immediate corrective action or maintenance may be necessary to bring your doors back to their industry standards and grant you peace of mind.

If your automatic doors experience heavier than normal use, for example, during your business’s busy season, then it’s recommended you have a professional inspect your doors more frequently. Many services offer risk assessments that will help you keep an eye on the condition of your doors and prevent major issues from occurring.

Safety Checks

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers recommends that you perform safety checks on your doors daily. This involves testing your automatic doors yourself and verifying that there are no apparent issues and that the doors are operating correctly. This is a good way to keep an eye on your doors and catch problems early on so you can call a professional for servicing before it becomes a much larger and costly problem.

Extreme Weather

Unfortunately, the weather and environment don’t adhere to even the most carefully laid plans and schedules. If your store ever experiences any extreme weather, such as thunderstorms or extreme cold, you should have your automatic doors serviced more frequently. This is just a good way to ensure your doors aren’t damaged and to repair them quickly before normal business hours resume.

With professionals utilizing years of experience and knowledge, the Flying Locksmiths have AAADM-certified installers and inspectors on staff. We can assist you with any of your automatic door installation or automatic door repair needs. Get in contact with us today!


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