Commercial door repair service

Five Common Commercial Door Problems To Repair

The security of your business begins with the entrances of your building. The entrances to your business need to be secure in order to ensure the safety of you and your employees, ensuring only authorized individuals can get in. Installing a quality security system, also called an access control system, is a great first step, but you also need to ensure your doors and security systems are well maintained. Here are five common commercial door problems to repair.

Commercial Door Repair - Access Control System Electrical Issues

Commercial Door Repair Fixing Electrical IssueElectrified hardware, such as an electric strike, and electronic security systems are some of the best ways you could control access to your building, but they become moot if you find yourself having electrical issues, whether it’s damaged wiring, power failures, or something worse. We offer commercial door repair services to help troubleshoot your security system if it’s not functioning properly, along with preventative maintenance service to ensure the wear and tear of age doesn’t take its toll on your access control system.

Door Warpage

It’s possible for the security systems and doors exposed to the elements to experience warpage over time, playing a large role in potential issues. A good example is metal doors sitting exposed to extreme heat during the dead of summer, or wooden doors gaining excessive moisture. A thoroughly warped door will need to be replaced altogether, but preventative maintenance can help protect your doors from irrevocable damage due to warping.

Traffic Wear

Perhaps the most common commercial door repair comes after the wear and tear of consistent and constant use. Your main entrance will likely experience this issue the most since that’s where the majority of foot traffic takes place. High amounts of traffic can wear down the individual components of a door quickly, and will require servicing more often.

Hinges and Pivots

Commercial Door Repair Hinge and Pivot ReplacementSpeaking of individual components, the hinges and pivots of your doors are the most important components to keep a watchful eye on. Responsible for allowing the door to swing open and close properly, pivots, hinges and continuous hinges will wear down over time from use. A telltale sign that hinges need servicing is when the door squeaks. Professional door repair services can replace worn-out pivots and hinges so that your doors operate as well as when they were first installed.

Issues Closing Due to The Door Closer

When doors close inefficiently, then all of your security measures are rendered entirely moot. You may as well have a big hole in your building allowing anyone to come and go. Such an issue has various causes that can be difficult to identify on your own. This can include damage to your door, worn-out hinges or damaged locking hardware, but one of the most common issues lies within the door closer itself.

A door closer is the piece of hardware that controls the swing of the door. It prevents the door from opening too far (back check) and allows the door to close smoothly (sweep speed). The last few degrees of the door closing process is called the latch speed.Door Closer Installation

The latch speed of a door closer must be adjusted correctly so the door will completely close, without slamming shut. Some door closers can be fixed with simple adjustments, but sometimes the door closer needs to be replaced completely.

Our commercial locksmiths and door security specialists can test a door closer, make adjustments or replace it if needed. If you are having any issues with your businesses doors opening and closing properly the safety of your employees and security of your building are at risk.

That’s why we offer free security risk assessments to inspect all the openings at your building. Don’t let the security of your business be at risk, reach out to us today!