About Preventative Maintenance

Owning or operating a facility for your business can be difficult and expensive. Door repairs are not something we typically are proactive on. Instead, repairs are made as issues arise but a little preventative maintenance can save facilities hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Preventative Maintenance Service

In general, commercial doors take a lot of abuse. People use them to go in and out multiple times a day, putting to use all the hardware on that door, several times over. Here at The Flying locksmiths, we make thousands of service calls a year, when pieces of that commercial door break down and halt its operation.

Request Maintenance Service

Before a small problem becomes a larger, more expensive one, call The Flying Locksmiths. Routine preventative maintenance ensures that issues are fixed before they are exacerbated. Common issues include:

  • Broken levers
  • Doors sagging
  • Closers leaking
  • Broken hinges
  • Latch not aligning correctly

The Flying Locksmiths are standing by with certified technicians in your area to ensure that your doors and access points are in peak condition. Don’t risk the security of your home or business with a faulty door. Save money by scheduling your preventative maintenance service today.

Additional Locksmith Services

Locksmith related services is the core of our business. As locksmiths, we know all there is to know about keys, locks, cylinders and the components of a door. While our local teams will offer additional services, and excel with those, you can always feel confident choosing The Flying Locksmiths for lock work.