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School Safety Lockdown Solutions

Protecting The Future Of America With Safer Lockdowns

While it’s a devastating subject, it’s one that cannot be ignored. Incidents at schools have risen at a terrifying rate, and have become one of the most dreaded possibilities that administrators, teachers, and the community as a whole face today.

Is Your School Safe?

In the past, schools have relied on fast and efficient evacuation plans to deal with most emergencies (like fire). As more and more incidents are being reported from outside threats, new lockdown procedures are needed. Simply locking classrooms, turning out the lights, pulling drapes, and keeping students away from windows is not enough.

Increase Your School’s Security Now

With such an increase in violence being seen throughout the nation, there has never been a better time to boost your school’s security system. Schools now more than ever are in major need of protection and high security lockdown solutions in case of active-shooter situations, or other security risks. The Flying Locksmiths can provide affordable, intuitive solutions like Alarm Lock Trilogy, Best Shelter, and other electronic access lockdown solutions.

Possibilities for a safer school include (but are not limited to):

  • Push-button locking from a teacher’s desk
  • Administrator-controlled, campus-wide systems

These solutions are all scalable and have a tiered approach. Custom solutions can be tailored for your school, and give you peace-of-mind that your staff and children are protected. Call us for a vulnerability audit, today.


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