The Flying Locksmiths team is now partnered with Amazon to provide Amazon Key in select areas- a new, free, program that will help alleviate your wasted time managing Amazon packages.


Smarter Access for the Workplace

Nexkey is helping small to medium sized businesses simplify their access management workflow to increase productivity and efficiency in the office for everyone – in shared, single, and multiple workspaces.

Make any smartphone a smart key

No more fumbling for the right key. The Nexkey app recognizes which key goes to which door and reveals the right key as you approach.

Any door can be smart

Nexkey works with any existing lock set and door hardware.

Create digital keys instantly

New hire? No problem. Create keys and assign access right from your phone — no more handing out keycards or traditional keys.

Send temporary codes via text

If ongoing access isn’t required or if a user doesn’t have a smartphone, text a one-time keycode. Great for cleaning crews or service techs.

Customize access for each user

With Nexkey scheduling, you decide what users have access to and when. Send a key that aligns with the business hours or a key that last for an hour.

Unlock doors remotely

Need to let a guest in while you’re stuck in a meeting? Delivery arrived before you got to the office? Unlock the door from anywhere.


Core: One size fits all

Because the Nexkey Core can replace every mechanical lock cylinder, it works with main doors, meeting rooms, utility closets — even file cabinets. Better yet, it installs in minutes and the battery lasts for years.

Controller: Same door, way smarter

The future of smart locks is not just a lock. The Controller connects existing electric strikes and magnetic locks to the Nexkey platform, making it possible to unlock and secure any door via Bluetooth.




As an essential business, The Flying Locksmiths are proud to continue to serve the security needs of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Contactless Risk Assessment is just one way we're continuing to serve you safely. Simply upload photos of your job before submitting the contact form below and we'll reply promptly with a quote.