Nexkey shuts its doors for good

Nexkey Is Shutting Down Announcement


We have received notice that AGS will be extending the services of Nexkey. Our technical support team has made several attempts to obtain more information from the new provider but have not been able to at this point.

We have learned there won't be any new sales of Nexkey products, just an extension of service and no timetable on how long they will be extending the service. We will provide the latest information on this resource page once received from the new provider.


Our Nexkey representative has notified us this week they will be shutting down at the end of August.

We are disappointed to receive this news, but we must move forward and we are here to help everyone make a transition to an access control system that best suits your business’ needs. We have compiled a few recommendations below and are always available to discuss additional options.

Announcement from Nexkey about shutting down service

Dear valued customer,

Today I have to deliver some sad news: Nexkey is shutting down and your service is scheduled to end on August 31st 2022.

Thank you so much for your support over the past years that we’ve been offering our access control service to you.

This was not a decision that we have made lightly but we have run out of options.

Since the beginning of the year we have worked to secure another round of funding or to sell the company to, or partner with, potential strategic parties that could continue providing our services to you. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn and current market conditions outside our control, we weren’t able to complete any such transaction after extensive efforts.

Please note that our cloud-based service should be able to be operated without any interaction from our team through the end of August, we had to let our team go so we will not be able to intervene if any of the specific services to run our infrastructure has an issue.

Accordingly, there can be no assurance that our service will continue uninterrupted and you are urged to transition to another access control system as soon as practicable.

We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and say thank you again for the chance we had to support you and your business.

- Nexkey, Inc.

The news is sudden and shocking—and even more-so for those of you who have this system installed. So the question is, what's next after NextKey? 

The answer depends on your needs, but we wanted to assist by compiling a list of the most compelling solutions on the market today to replace the hardware you have installed. Please read on to see our resources, or reach out if you have questions using the form below.

We're available 24/7 now as we have always and will always be.

Thank you for your attention,

Joe Wagoner National Hardware Director

Joe Wagoner
National Hardware Director


You can research a few options below or simply reach out to us for a free security risk assessment and we’ll help you get out on the right path in determining what type of system suits your needs. Access control and keyless entry systems can fall into a few categories. These include:

  1. Cloud-Based Systems
  2. Network Systems
  3. Standalone Systems

It’s important to know what types of systems are available and the specific needs for your business. For starters, we'll determine if you need a wired or wireless system, if there isn’t proper power or network cabling already at your doors, that can make an access control installation more difficult. But we will help walk you through the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your needs.



  • Large properties needing to control access at a lot of openings
  • Businesses with multiple building and locations
  • High traffic businesses, large number of employees and visitors
  • Businesses that require managing user access quickly from anywhere


  • Openpath Electronic Access Control SystemOpenpath has become an industry leader in cloud-based access control systems. With four different ways to gain access, in one touchless reader solution, it’s no surprise they’re often touted as the industry leader in keyless entry systems. Choose from a mobile app, wave-to-enter, encrypted key fobs or key cards, or a guest pass to grant access to employees, customers and visitors.
  1. PDK
  • ProDatakey is a full cloud-based access control system, the PDK IO system allows you to effortlessly manage access to your business, no matter where you are. With features like instant alerts, mobile management, door state monitoring and live state monitoring, a PDK solution is a great fit for many businesses.
  • The Malibu mobile credential doesn't use Bluetooth or NFC to open a door, just a click of a button on their app. Coupled with being able to pick and choose options that suit your business, along with the simplicity of the hardware and software, make this a great fit for many businesses.
  • SimpleAccess is uniquely positioned with its smart access control system.  With a target audience and solution that strongly overlaps with Nexkey, SimpleAccess’s solution offers wired and wireless solutions enabling card and mobile bluetooth access options.  The intuitive, full feature cloud-software includes remote management, user schedules, notifications, mobile app, touchless bluetooth entry, and pin codes for one-time or permanent access.
  1. KISI
  • Kisi's mission as a cloud based access control provider is to develop innovative products and solutions to ensure ease of facility access and remote space management. Kisi's goal is to provide access systems to create a secure future where spaces are connected and accessible without boundaries.
  1. BRIVO

Brivo Smart Access Control System

  • An enterprise solution, Brivo has an impressive list of integrations enabling their hardware to communicate with just about anything a business needs them to. Their access solutions range from standalone smart locks to keypads, mullion readers and wall-mounted readers, Brivo is a great pick for any business wanting a cloud-based access control system.


  • Businesses wanting a network-connected system but don’t need to access a cloud-portal to manage their security
  • Businesses who need to issue physical keycards
  • Sites with access to power and wireless or wired internet access points


  1. CDVI
  • Biometric Access Control Fingerprint Card ReaderCDVI represents a core staple of the early access control system landscape. With mobile functionality through their Krypto pass, you’ll find CDVI to be among the best network access control solutions on the market today. Access options include scan, touch, automatic, voice and biometric access through their Atrium app.
  1. KERI
  • With integrations for turnstiles, safety systems, entry panels and even elevator controls, Keri exists in a space in the access control system landscape that few with their clout can touch. Recently, Keri has brought online their cloud solution and allowed users to migrate their current systems to the cloud at no cost. Any business unsure if a cloud-based system is right for them will find Keri to be a wonderful selection for their business.


  • Single-site businesses with lower employee counts or low turnover
  • Doors isolated from a wireless network, are low traffic or have a unique installation situation making standalone systems more beneficial
  • Ideal for controlling access on a smaller budget and can handle having a limited audit trail


    Alarm Lock Standalone Access Control Electronic Lock
  • Alarm Lock will fit it anywhere there is a door. Trusted by airports, education facilities and Healthcare facilities nationwide. Alarm Lock manufacturers door alarms, exit devices and a myriad of other solutions to fit any need. Installation is quick and there is the ability to upgrade solutions into connected access control systems operated on a network or in the cloud.
  • Codelocks can be used by themselves or be integrated with software like Remotelock to provide audit trails and become part of a cloud-based system. With ease of installation, reliability and affordability, Codelocks are a wonderful solution to pick with gates, office doors, lockers and aluminum doors.
  • The Schlage CO series of locks is a system of exit devices and smart locks designed to fit on exterior or interior doors. They feature keypad and keycard access and are an access control solution for any business. It can be used as a standalone system or paired with the Schlage Engage app for mobile credentialing and access setup.
Click the link to explore more of our favorite access control systems. We’re always available as well for questions or to schedule a free site assessment to help discover what access control system will best fit your site.