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Don’t Rely on an Ordinary Lock When You Need High Security

Medeco is a U.S based lock manufacturer that has been an industry leader for nearly 50 years. Their locks protect assets across the globe and can be found guarding all types of buildings, from homes and businesses to military facilities.

Medeco also employs some of the best methods and technology to prevent their locks from being bypassed. For example, you can only copy or replace your key with Medeco themselves, which makes it extremely difficult for a would be criminal to get a duplicate.

When you need a business, home, or other asset secured, Medeco are one of our top choices. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your security needs and to learn more about the benefits Medeco locks can offer you.

Why invest the additional money for Medeco keys and cylinders?

The added security is certainly a bonus, but the REAL benefit is KEY CONTROL. With a Medeco key system installed in your place of business – only an authorized user can have duplicate keys cut. This is an incredibly important security measure. More-so than hardened pins or pick resistant cylinders, because whenever a key is issued there is no chance of that key being taken to a local hardware store and being duplicated. Un-authorized duplication of keys plays a large role in business theft and having these key controls in place will ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Consider this: In the event that an employee leaves or is terminated – as long as the key is returned, there is no need to change the locks. With key control, you can have full confidence that no duplicates or spares were made without your knowledge or consent. Your business stays secure and access remains restricted to only authorize personnel.

That’s piece of mind that Medeco key control can provide.


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