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Master Key Systems for Homeowners


In the security world, master key systems are most common in commercial properties. But more and more homeowners are starting to see the advantage of using these types of lock systems on their property. Master key systems are locking systems, where keys have different levels of access. In the business world, that may look like this:

  • One key that is able to open every door on the property (Master Key)
  • One key that is able to open only the doors on the 5th
  • One key that is able to open all doors except the computer room door
  • One key that is only able to open the doors to the maintenance closets only
  • With master key systems, companies control who has access to each room, so that only those who are allowed to be in the room can open the door. Those who are not allowed – even if they work on the property – are unable to gain access with their key


Master key systems may be designed for the complexities of the business world, but they can also be beneficial to homeowners as well. For example, if you have house cleaners who come to your property, and you want to make sure your valuables are safe, you can give the house cleaner a key that allows them to only access specific rooms or specific entry doors, and keeps your room with the valuables locked.

If you rent your home via Airbnb or have a garage apartment, and you want to make sure that the renters can only use specific rooms on the property, a master key system limits where they can go and acts as a deterrent for exploring the home.

Or perhaps you have a vacation or rental property and would like to key your home locks to have a master key that opens multiple buildings while allowing for individual key systems on each house that only open that individual property. We can do that as well.


If you are thinking about a Master Key system for your property, have you also considered utilizing High-Security Locks? Normal house keys can be taken to the local store and copied by anybody. These locks are also not difficult for thieves to pick and gain access to your property. However, with High-Security Master Key Systems, such as Medeco or Primus, you know that your keys are safe from being copied, and your locks are cannot be picked—even by a trained professional. Next time you rent out your property or loan a key to a contractor or babysitter, know that your keys or master key system are not being compromised by someone making a copy. Make your Master Key System a High-Security Master Key System.


For those that want to better manage their home’s security, and are interested in a master key system for their property, call The Flying Locksmiths today. Our team can talk to you about how master key systems work, and what works best for your property.

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