AiPhone Intercom Systems

Easily Screen And Record Visitors With Video Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are becoming more affordable, useful and integral to building security. Rather than just talking to someone at a particular door and remotely opening it, now they can actually show the operator who is present outside the door through a video interface!

AiPhone Advantages

AiPhone provides a wealth of benefits to our customers, aside from the normal intercom functions, including audio and remote release. Aiphone intercom systems also provide video, with tilt, zoom and pan functionality. These intercom systems will even record the audio and video, so that the exchange can be viewed at a later time and date. This can be a very useful feature if something is missing and you need to find out if certain protocols were followed.

Other features include time-based call forwarding, emergency calls by individual station groups, timed announcements by group, paging, and the ability to have calls transferred to an external phone line if the primary contact doesn’t pick up the call within a certain time period.

Another great feature, is the ability to manage separate building systems by a master user. Aiphone intercom systems are IP based, so it eliminates the need for individuals to monitor stations at a remote location. The Master user can control the door release from a central location! Up to 32 remote stations can be included in a single local system, with a global maximum of 1024 stations.

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