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About Whoo Intercom Systems

Whoo mobile intercoms are the apartment intercom system of choice for many property management companies looking for convenience and reliability. In multifamily communities, not only do tenants deserve the highest level of security to feel safe, they also need an intelligent intercom system to easily navigate throughout the complex and manage access for visitors right from their mobile device.

That's why the ZKTeco Aura12 and R29 by Akuvox powered by Whoo have greatly enhanced the multifamily living experience.

Apartment Intercom Systems ZKTeco Aura12 and R29 by Akuvox

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What Do Intercoms Powered by Whoo Offer?

Remote Door Access: Open doors remotely via smartphone
Package Delivery Access: Secure and efficient package deliveries
24/7 Livestream Feed: Continuous property visibility
Keyless Entry: Eliminate the need for physical keys

What are the key benefits of Whoo intercoms?

Enhanced Security: Intercoms Powered by Whoo prioritize security, giving residents peace of mind when away from home. The one-way video feature allows residents to see visitors while maintaining the confidentiality of their location.

Flexible for Various Building Sizes: Intercoms Powered by Whoo cater to a wide range of building sizes, with no maximum limit. Unlike competitors with higher size requirements, Intercoms Powered by Whoo are suitable for properties of all sizes.

Convenient Keyless Entry and QR codes: Tenants and property management alike benefit from keyless entry. Residents no longer need to worry about misplaced keys, while property managers can easily manage access for tenants coming and going.

Personalized Customer Service
: Intercoms Powered by Whoo are supported by a dedicated small team committed to assisting customers. This personalized approach fosters lasting business relationships with all clients.

Upgrade your business security with a state-of-the-art Intercom System powered by Whoo from The Flying Locksmiths. Contact a location near you to get started today!

Additional Intercom Products & Services

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