U.S. Government building security.

Challenges to Maintaining a Secure Government Building

Maintaining a physically secure Government building has many unique challenges. Mix the constantly changing securing standards mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with a wide range of assailant and information security threats and you can quickly see that advanced security technology is crucial for protecting Government employees and U.S. information.

Evolving Security Standards

Government facilities are held to a very high standard when it comes to security. The Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 enforces standards that require all Federal facilities to implement access control systems that include personal identification verification with record logs. These standards are consistently changing based on evolving security threats. The Flying Locksmiths are on the cutting edge of security technology and combine expertise to assure Government facilities maintain State and Federal facility security standards.

Assailant Attacks

Government buildings face many threats including bombings, sabotage, unlawful entries, and theft. Housing important Government documents as well as employees, and facility visitors means that physical security systems are imperative in a Government building. Access control systems prevent unauthorized personnel from entering your facility and advanced lockdown systems can quickly extinguish hostile situations.  

Information Security

Government facilities house important documents and State/Federal information that needs proper security measures to assure they are protected. It is important to arrange the interior of a Government building in such a way that all unescorted visitors can be easily monitored. Private documents and other sensitive paperwork should be kept out of reach and locked up when not in use. Access control systems can monitor who accessed specific areas and when. Combine access control technology with a surveillance system and you have a record log of who accessed what with video recordings. These added security measures make all the difference when you are protecting employees or classified documents. 

Flying Locksmith’s Government Security Solution

Contact the Flying Locksmiths today! We have years of physical security expertise and can help Government facilities meet modern security standards, protect against assailants, and keep State and Federal information secure. We work with: 

  • Federal facilities
  • State facilities
  • Local Government facilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Maintenance buildings 
  • Courthouses
  • Police departments

We offer a variety of security services tailored to the needs of Government buildings, so call our experts today or fill out a form! 1-800-649-5397