About Schlage Primus Keys

Schlage Primus is a unique, patented type of key that features additional side “cuts” or “millings” that make the lock extremely difficult to manipulate and open. These side cuts work in conjunction with a “side bar” located inside the Schlage Primus lock cylinder. This bar serves as an added layer of security to the cylinder that prohibits the wrong key from turning the lock. It is similar to requiring two keys to open one door/lock! Above all else, the Schlage Primus keys and cylinders offer a high level of key control and prohibits unauthorized duplication – which is a MUST for any commercial property.

Primus Keys

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While Primus keys and cylinders are extremely difficult to manipulate and offer a greater level of physical security – the TRUE benefit of installing a Schlage Primus system is controlling who can and who cannot make a copy of the keys.

Key control is an extremely important feature that many business owners do not consider until it is too late. Think about it for a minute… who has keys to your business? Of those people, is there anything preventing them from going to a hardware store and making additional copies? If the answer to that question is “no” – there is no telling how much your property could be at risk.

A patented “dual-locking” feature was created to solve this particular issue. The Primus key, with side-bit milling along the key blade, is designed to operate both standard as well as Primus keyways. A standard Schlage section key cannot enter the unique Primus cylinder. Only authorized Schlage Primus dealers can duplicate the key for the end-user designated with a Primus identification card. Without an authorization card, additional key copies will not be cut. If you bring the card and/or the keys to a different locksmith or hardware store – they will not have the proper equipment to even make copies. Essentially, it is impossible to obtain duplicates without authorization!

The Schlage Primus high security cylinder is precision built to extremely close tolerances and the highest standards of quality. These “dual-locking” cylinders consist of two independent locking mechanisms, operates by a single specially designed Primus key. In addition to a standard 6 pin tumbler mechanism there is a locking sidebar which is independently controlled by a set of 5 finger pins that interface with the side-bit milling on the patented Primus key.

The Physical Security Specialists at The Flying Locksmiths work with Schlage Primus on a National level and are highly efficient and properly trained to support these high security keys and cylinders. If you are looking to mitigate risk at your property – this is a great first step. Contact us today and find out more!

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