Workplace access control system.

Access Control Maintenance And Why It’s Important

Your commercial access control system is an integral part of your business’s security. These technologies are a central component in maintaining a secure workplace while improving efficiency and cutting potential losses to your bottom line. However, often access control procedures and technologies are neglected and can be deteriorated to an almost useless state. This is often from a lack of knowledge about access control technology or underestimating the importance such systems have on your business. Small errors will develop loopholes in your business’s security system and are easily overlooked and can really come around to bite you if you are not proactive in fixing them.


The most obvious problem with a malfunctioning access control system is potential security threats. A broken security system makes you a target for theft, attacks, and other incidences. Threats can include everything from unauthorized access of customers or employees in restricted areas to vandalism and asset theft. 

Additionally, a malfunctioning access control system can clog the workflow of your employees and cost your business losses in productivity. Denying access of an authorized employee to areas and resources they need to do their job or manually restricting unauthorized individuals to specified areas can become a real headache. The best way to combat these potential problems is by implementing regular access control maintenance standards.


Dirt, dust, moister, and many other factors can cause wear on your access control panels, potentially disrupting their processes. Regularly cleaning the component will help increase the lifespan of the technology and save you from having to re-install equipment. It is important to have your access control panel inspected to increase the use of the hardware. The Flying Locksmiths can provide a certified inspection of your business’s access control system.  

Our inspectors will: 

  • Give a visual inspection
  • Review system performance
  • Check battery supply
  • Clean hardware components
  • Check network connections
  • Test alarm systems 
  • Check data logs
  • Provide owner with complete test results and any potential further maintenance needs

These access control systems are not cheap and you should take the time to maintain them and assure they are working optimally. Contact the Flying Locksmiths today to help you get the access control solutions you need. We provide emergency commercial service 24/7 and are ready to help your business boost its security! Find a Flying Locksmith location near you or contact us today to get started.