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Checking Your Home For Security Flaws

When you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, The Flying Locksmiths are happy to go above and beyond to give you the home security you require. As your trusted home locksmiths since 1946, we provide a wide variety of residential security services that will make your home safer for the entire family. However, many modern homes actually have several security flaws that can make them more vulnerable to break-ins or theft. The Flying Locksmiths has created a list of security checks that you can easily perform so that you can evaluate your home’s current state of security.

How To Prevent Home Invasion: What To Check For

Garage Door Windows – The problem with having a window in a garage door is that a burglar can easily break into your garage and steal some of your possessions, including your car, without even needing to break into your house. If you have a garage door with windows, we recommend replacing it with a garage door that doesn’t have a window. If that’s not an option, you could always have your garage windows frosted or reinforced with metal bars to deter a potential intruder.

Pet Doors – While pet doors may be convenient for your pets, they’re also convenient for any robbers that want to get into your house. If it’s large enough, a robber can actually squeeze through or at least fit an arm inside to possibly unlock the door. If the removal of your pet door isn’t something you want to do, your next best option is to install a locking latch on the pet door. Alternatively, you can get an electronic pet door that can actually use your pet’s collar as a key. That way, your pet can safely get in and out, but no one else can.

Hiding Spare House Keys – Hiding a house key is problematic because in many cases the house key isn’t actually “hidden.” Burglars are savvy and they know the most common places a homeowner will leave a spare key — under a doormat, beneath a rock, under a planter, or in a mailbox. Instead of leaving your spare key in these places, give it to a trusted neighbor or keep it in your garage that can be opened with a wireless keypad (remember to make sure that there are no easily accessible garage windows though!).

Storing Valuables in Plain Sight – One common mistake homeowners can make is that they leave expensive items in plain sight for passersby to see, which is like a neon flashing sign to a burglar. Luckily for you, this is an easy fix. If you have any expensive items, such as televisions, that are noticeable from the roadside, it’s best to redecorate your house in a way so that these valuables aren’t quite as noticeable. Another option to consider is planting large bushes in front of your window to avert potential burglars.

Outdoor Lighting – One of the easiest things you can check for is to make sure all of your outdoor lights are functional. Motion activated lights are one of the best defenses when it comes to home security since you’ll know the instant someone is within a certain range of your home.

Check Your Locks – We recommend that you periodically check all of your windows and doors in your house to ensure your locks are functioning properly. If one of your doors or windows has a dated lock or temperamental locking mechanism, you should get this updated as soon as possible to help prevent a break-in.

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The Flying Locksmiths understand that your home is one of your biggest investments. As a homeowner, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your family, pets, and valuables are safe & secure at all times. Call or contact us today at 1-800-649-5397  for a complimentary home security quote and we’ll customize a home security plan to best fit your needs. The Flying Locksmiths has locations throughout the United States and are available to you 24/7 for your convenience.