Access control for multiple offices.

Commercial Security for Multiple Offices

Think about how much effort you put into protecting one office. If the business expands and you need to consider the security of multiple locations, nearly any plan might seem too complicated. Fortunately, modern security technology makes it possible to manage the security of multiple offices and locations with ease. Take a look below at some of the questions you should ask yourself when you want to simplify and improve security for multiple buildings.

Who needs access to what building(s)?

One great feature of today’s access control systems is the ability to grant or restrict access to specific buildings for specific people. Whether you need to give access to one office for a new hire, give access to multiple buildings for someone who works at multiple locations, limit access to certain hours of the day or restrict access for an employee who has left your business for good, your access control system can do it all.

Do you want to handle it all or should you hire someone?

While some building managers prefer to take care of all security themselves, others have too much on their plates to do this. You can hire a third-party company to manage your access control system. Delegating this task to a trustworthy security company may be a smart move if management is too time-consuming for one person.

Do you need to manage security from afar?

If the building locations are too far apart to physically travel among them at a moment’s notice, mobile security camera monitoring is the answer. Today’s surveillance cameras can be accessed by the owner or manager in a secure, convenient manner.

What type of security system do you want to use?

This is one of the most essential questions you should ask yourself. With the help of the experienced team at The Flying Locksmiths, you can choose from a variety of convenient and secure access control systems, including card readers that use key fobs and biometric scanners.

Whether you have already asked yourself these questions or you’ve just begun putting together a security plan for multiple locations, please contact The Flying Locksmiths to discuss your security needs. Call us today if you have any questions about mobile security camera monitoring, access control systems or any other security features that may suit your business. We would be happy to provide you with a free assessment and quote.