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Experience Not Required

You Don’t Need to Be a Locksmith to Own Your Own Locksmithing Franchise.

Owning a franchise is an investment opportunity with little risk and plenty of rewards. What stops many potential investors is the idea that there are numerous obstacles in the way of successfully operating a franchise. A lack of experience with franchises or a security background may be seen as a deterrent to some, however these are common misconceptions. Becoming an owner of a Flying Locksmiths franchise may be easier – and more profitable – than you think.

The Misconceptions

First of all, you may think that your lack of security experience will get in the way of successfully operating a franchise of this nature. While this may be the case with other security franchise models, your lack of security experience won’t prevent you from owning a franchise or hamper your success with The Flying Locksmiths! Many of our owners have little to no security experience.

While being business savvy is a necessity for operating a franchise, knowing the ins and outs of locksmithing isn’t. You don’t even need to have worked in a similar field in order to own a franchise of our business.

Another obstacle you may think will prevent your investment is the difficult search for talented team members. At The Flying Locksmiths, we know the industry and are confident in the number and skills of locksmiths seeking jobs throughout the country. We are consistently seeking to recruit talented locksmiths to join our team so putting together your own team of technicians will be no problem.

If you do need assistance with building your team or any other essential tasks, we will provide the full training and support needed to help ensure your success. We offer ongoing training opportunities to make sure your locksmiths have the knowledge, tools and skills needed on the job.

Let Us Show You the Ropes

If we haven’t convinced you to franchise yet, but you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. We would love to discuss the many advantages of owning a franchise and how we will get rid of all the roadblocks that might otherwise stop you from operating a successful business.