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How to Create a Retail Security Plan This Holiday Season

November marks the kick-off of the holiday season for both retailers and shoppers across the United States. Retail security is particularly important because retail businesses are a common target for theft during this busy time of year. Shoplifters often take advantage of busy or understaffed stores in order to get what they want. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this type of theft with the right retail security solutions — especially when it comes to physical security and other devices. If you aren’t sure where to begin or what elements you may be missing, here’s a brief list of the most effective retail security subjects you can focus on!

ACCESS CONTROLAccess control is an overarching plan that says, “These are the areas that we want only authorized people to have access to. How do we limit access to these areas, how do we know who entered and when, and how do we manage authorization for the right people to avoid any security risks?” Your access control plan is very important, and if you haven’t formed one yet, this is a great time to start. Think of it as an audit on your physical security — a crucial step that can also help reduce your liability and save on long-term expenses. Our team of experts can help with access control plans if you need some guidance.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCEVideo surveillance technology has come a long way in the past several years. Small mobile cameras are now very easy to install (and with wireless versions, very affordable), monitor online, and check for any signs of criminals or other problems. Cameras remain a powerful visual deterrent for most shoplifters, so having them installed at important locations throughout the store can cut down on theft and make other crimes less likely.

Ask your employees and sales associates about any weak points they may have noticed. Provide training on what to say and do if they notice shoplifting or more serious types of theft. Emphasize safety measures that will protect the wellbeing and personal safety of both your staff and your customers. 

IDENTIFY WEAK POINTS IN STORE – A weak point is a spot that, through components or use, is a potential access point for thieves. This includes doors that are not properly locked or tend to be propped open unattended, which you may want to consider coded access for. It also includes windows that can be easily breached, dark corners where it is difficult to see or track things, and similar signs that store security can be improved for loss prevention. The Flying Locksmiths offers professional building security assessments to help identify vulnerable areas throughout your store.

USE A SAFE – Currency and valuables should spend very little time unguarded. That means that when they are in the store, they should be stored in a secured safe that has the proper access protections and is not left open through casual habit. Make bank deposits daily so that your money stays in an environment with lower risk and higher security than your storefront.

TRAIN YOUR STAFF TO REDUCE SHRINKAGE – Proper loss prevention strategy is a crucial part of any retailer’s business. Ask your employees about any weak points they may have noticed or if there have been any suspicious shoppers in your store recently. If your store victim to repeat shoplifters, inform your staff of the physical description of these shoplifters so that everyone is aware and can communicate any instances of shoplifting with management. Provide training on what to say and do if they notice shoplifting or more serious types of theft. Emphasize security measures that will protect their own wellbeing and safety.

Interested in improving security for your retail store or other business? We can help with that! We work with many retailers and businesses with locations across the United States. Call The Flying Locksmiths today at 1-800 -649-5397  and find out more about which security solutions are the best fit for your business!