How To Make Your Restaurant ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law in 1990, sets out rules for how restaurants and other businesses can ensure their buildings are accessible to all. Remaining in compliance with these guidelines is not just legally required but good for business and great for your clients, as removing barriers to access allows you to welcome all kinds of customers to your business.

At The Flying Locksmiths, we’re experienced with helping restaurants like yours adjust their physical spaces to be ADA compliant. Take a look at this basic rundown of how to ensure your building remains in compliance with the ADA and is welcoming to all of your customers (the full details of which can be found on

Restrooms – Make sure there is space for wheelchair users to navigate around the door, stalls and sinks. Additionally, your bathroom must have a handicap stall and soap dispensers that are within reach of users in a wheelchair.

Parking – Your restaurant must follow the same rules as any public building with a parking lot. You must ensure there are spacious parking spots close to your business, and for every 25 parking spots, you must have at least one handicap spot that is on a level surface.

Entrances – Building entrances must be level with the ground or follow ADA ramp guidelines. Otherwise, alternate entrances must be offered and clearly labeled.

Layout – Make sure aisles are at least 36 inches wide and that there are spaces for wheelchair users to turn around. Remove any obstacles and keep flatware, etc., in reach of wheelchair users.

Seating Seats, tables and counters should be arranged to provide a 36” aisle.

TablesTables and counters need to be at a height of between 28” and 34”, with enough knee room underneath. There also must be enough floor surface area for a wheelchair to maneuver.

Doors – Entrances must be spacious enough (36” wide or more) for wheelchairs to pass through. The door hardware must not require any squeezing or turning and cannot require 5 pounds of pressure or more to operate.

While the full list of ADA rules is more complex, this is a good jumping-off point to get you started. Whether you’re in the process of constructing a new building for your business or you already have a property built, The Flying Locksmiths can assist you with getting rid of barriers to accessibility in your restaurant.

Call us today for an assessment of your business and see what the team at The Flying Locksmiths can do to keep your business ADA compliant. We can provide you with a free quote following our assessment so that you know exactly what you need to do.