Video Enable Intercom on doorway

Increase Rental Property Revenue

Cutting costs is nearly always tempting when it comes to property management in the real estate industry. Time and money are two resources you want to make the most of as the manager of a rental property. However, short-term solutions may cost you more in the long run, so it makes sense to invest in a long-term solution that will help you increase revenue.

Investing in security is always a smart decision, and wireless intercoms should be on your list of upgrades if you want to increase revenue at your property. Easy to install no matter your current security system, today’s intercoms have video capabilities and will make your property more appealing to potential tenants. In fact, you won’t need to hire a company to complete rewiring to set up an intercom system for your property. Affordable installation means you can enjoy a return on your investment that much sooner!

Tenants looking for security and convenience in a new property will be willing to pay a higher monthly rent to enjoy the features of an intercom system. Security personnel and tenants can easily identify visitors or security threats using their personal smartphones, as intercoms are easy to understand and use for most. Whether the visitor is a friend, delivery person or stranger, tenants can assess and take action immediately with their phone.

Add appeal, increased security and convenience to your apartments with a wireless intercom system. At The Flying Locksmiths, we specialize in security solutions that increase revenue and safety, and we can install this popular amenity for your commercial property.

Call our team today to discuss an intercom for your apartment building, office block or other commercial property and let us know if you need any other security solutions. We would be happy to guide you through today’s most effective solutions and what may best benefit your rental property.