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Keep Your Office Safe During The Holidays

If you’re like most people, then you look forward to taking some time off from work to spend with friends and family when the holiday season rolls around. The problem is that thieves and burglars don’t take breaks – in fact, they step up their criminal activity when businesses and offices are closed. With the holidays in full swing, it’s important to pay close attention to safety and security measures to protect your staff, equipment, and workspace. To help you make your office a safer place to work, keep the following security tips in mind.

  • Establish An Emergency Plan — When it comes to office safety, preparation is invaluable. Make sure your staff has a clear procedure in place and the understanding to implement it.
  • Watch Out For Suspicious Activity — Burglars often check out a potential target before they strike. Watch for patterns of people coming and going. Watch for suspicious activity in parking lots and public areas before your planned break and report suspicious people or activities to local authorities.
  • Pay Attention to Solicitors — While many charities step up their solicitation during the holidays, many thieves take advantage of fundraising drives to case target offices. Always ask for credentials from solicitors.
  • Keep Valuables Out of Sight — Leaving valuables unattended is an invitation for burglary, especially when staff is gone for an extended period. Additionally, when your office is closed, you should lower the shades. Clear visibility of office equipment or valuables is a temptation for burglars.
  • Protect Electronic Devices With Passwords — Make sure all your electronic equipment, including computers, phones, and laptops are protected with strong passwords to protect vital information and make them useless to thieves.
  • Report Lighting Issues — Thieves love dimly lit areas. Replace burned-out light bulbs immediately and report lighting issues to your landlord or property manager.
  • Create a Buddy System — Poorly-lit and unattended areas, such as parking lots and garages, are a popular target for crime. If you aren’t comfortable walking alone, team up with a coworker. Ask neighboring businesses to keep an eye on your office or building as well, and to notify you if they spot suspicious activity.
  • Lock Office Equipment — Keep all desk drawers, storage rooms and safes shut and locked. While locks won’t guarantee you won’t be burglarized, they can serve as a deterrent that can cause a delay for thieves.
  • Install A Security System — The best protection is prevention. An alarm system complete with security cameras and motion detectors provides maximum security. High-security locks that employ keys, keycards or codes can also keep criminals from entering your space.
  • For more specific security and protection ideas, contact the security professionals at The Flying Locksmiths. We’re professionally trained to provide great locksmith services throughout the United States. If it’s on a door, we handle it.