Business front glass door.

Picking the Best Door For Your Business

When it comes to commercial security, not all doors are created equal. To choose the right door for your business there is a whole lot more to consider than just the aesthetics or look. Analyzing the needs for your business from both a security and workflow sense is critical to maximizing the utility you can get. Here is some information every business owner should know about selecting the best door for their business. 


One of the first decisions you will have to make when selecting a new door is to choose a type. There are many different types of doors that are commonly found or used on businesses. These include:

Hinged Doors: A hinged door is one of the most common types of doors used on both businesses and residential buildings. Think about the front door that leads into your home. The door is likely on hinges and swings open or shut.

Revolving Door: Another common type of door that is used by businesses is a revolving door. A revolving door is a circular door that opens by pushing a panel. Revolving doors are commonly found at high-end retail stores and hotels.

Sliding Doors: The last type of door that may be used by a business is a sliding door. Most businesses use automatic sliding doors. When you walk into a grocery store or a big box retail store, think about the doors that you see. They are likely doors that slide open as you approach the door. These are automatic sliding doors.


In addition to selecting the right door type, you need to choose the right security features for the door. Here are a few of the most common security features:

Access Control: Electronic access control allows you to grant access to your building to employees or other individuals who either have an electronic key pass or the key pin code. This allows you to grant access to your building without worrying about normal keys.

Roll-Up Shutters: Roll up shutters can be placed over the exterior of a door. This helps to secure glass doors when you are away, preventing someone from breaking the glass and gaining access to your building.

Steel Doors: The last security feature you may want to consider on your door is installing doors made from steel. These doors are harder to kick in, breakthrough, and pry open, making your store or business more secure.

Selecting the right door for your business is not as easy as it seems. This is where The Flying Locksmiths come in. Let us help you with the security of your business, including your commercial doors! Contact us today for a free security consultation.