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Signs Your Access Control System is Outdated

One of the key challenges of maintaining a secure business is recognizing when your commercial access control systems need to be updated. While having an older system may not seem like a big deal, it places your business at greater risk should worn-out equipment malfunction or be incompatible with modern technology. To make sure you’re keeping your business safe, consider these signs your access control system is outdated.

Malfunctioning Systems

The most obvious sign that your access control system is outdated is when errors and malfunctions begin to occur—especially with increasing frequency. A malfunctioning security system is not only inconvenient, potentially making it more difficult for those authorized to access the building, but it also makes your business far more vulnerable. Trespassers may be able to get through a malfunctioning access system, rendering your security precautions moot. Furthermore, when trying to get your system fixed, replacement parts may be difficult to obtain depending on the age of your access system.

Lack of Support

Another big sign you need to make an update is if the manufacturer of your system no longer technically supports your system’s model. This means you’ll be unable to get repairs or adjustments done to your security system if something goes wrong, and you will eventually have to replace it anyway. Therefore, it’s best to make the change sooner rather than later.

While you may have internal technical staff, they can only do so much to keep an outdated system running. Even if they’re able to create some sort of ramshackle solution, maintaining your security system will eventually become more and more time-consuming.

Lack of Interoperability

The final sign your access control system is outdated is that it typically struggles to integrate with newer technology. This can severely limit your business’s security as it may no longer have the capacity to grow and evolve; think of it as the “weak link” of your security system, and a chain is only as good as its weakest link.

Furthermore, an inability to integrate newer systems alongside your access control system can make your security system as a whole more cumbersome and inefficient.

If you’ve noticed your building’s security system malfunctioning, reach out to the Flying Locksmiths right away—our experts are well versed in the latest security technology. Let us help troubleshoot your security system to determine if it can be repaired or offer solutions for updating your access control system with modern hardware.